Samuel Eliot Morison personal archive, Part 1

Part 1 of the Samuel Eliot Morison personal archive, Papers of Samuel Eliot Morison, 1807-1976 (inclusive), 55 linear feet of material, was received and processed by the Archives prior to 1999.

A two-volume Guide to the Samuel Eliot Morison Collection in the Harvard University Archives provides additional details about Part 1:


Summary of SEM personal archive, Part 1,  Papers of Samuel Eliot Morison, 1807-1976 (inclusive)

  • Biographical information on Morison includes autobiographical sketches, memoirs, bibliography, correspondence and papers concerning Morison’s participation in World War I and II, papers relating to 44 Brimmer St., Boston, and memoirs, including drafts, of Morison's wives. Other personal material includes, diaries (1907-1976), research notebooks, commonplace books, Eliot Family letters (19th and 20th century), Emily M. Eliot diaries, papers of Elizabeth Shaw Morison and Priscilla Barton Morison, Morison's correspondence with his children, his statement on Sacco and Vanzetti, financial papers (1958-1969), and ballads and correspondence concerning Mt. Desert Island.
    • Biographical Papers [HUGFP 33.1]
    • Memoirs of Elizabeth Shaw Morison (1945) and of Priscilla Barton Morison (1975) [HUGFP 33.3]
    • Diaries and Notebooks, 1907-1976 [HUGFP 33.5]
    • Personal and Family Correspondence and Papers, 1807-1975 [HUGFP 33.6]


  • General correspondence (1900-1976) contains letters of a personal and professional nature with other historians, academics, political figures, publishers, societies, Harvard colleagues, and other universities.
    • General Correspondence, 1900-1976 [HUGFP 33.15]


  • Paris Peace conference papers include diary, correspondence, statement on policy, and articles on the Baltic States.
    • Peace Conference Papers, 1919 [HUGFP 33.20]


  • Oxford correspondence includes Morison's letters while Harmsworth Professor of American History at Oxford and includes Morison family letters.
    • Oxford Correspondence, 1922-1925 [HUGFP 33.21]


  • Correspondence with Antha E. Card contains two boxes of correspondence between Morison and Antha Eunice Card (later Antha Eunice McDonald), who served as his secretary for nearly thirty years. The letters and memos mostly fall between 1963 and 1975, but there is one from April 10, 1946 that concerns her original hiring.
    • Correspondence of Antha E. Card and S.E.M., 1963-1975 [HUGFP 33.22]


  • Research material for Morison’s books are of a diverse nature, from notes, typescripts, card files, articles, to correspondence with publishers, assistants, and scholars, as well as illustrations. Also contains manuscripts of several of Morison's books; reviews of his books and reviews by Morison; articles by Morison; subject files, with correspondence, lectures and addresses; and research notes on a wide range of topics.
    • Research Material for Books [HUGFP 33.41]
    • Manuscripts [HUGFP 33.45]
    • Book Reviews [HUGFP 33.47]
    • Articles [HUGFP 33.50]
    • Subject File [HUGFP 33.55]
    • Miscellaneous Research Notes and Files [HUGFP 33.60]


  • Harvard Columbus Expedition material includes glass slides from the Expedition, lists of food, ships' logs, and several maps and charts used on the expedition from 1939 to 1940.
    • Harvard Columbus Expedition slides, logs, maps, and records (1939-1940) [HUGFP 33.60, 33.71, 33.72, 33.73, 33.74]


  • Audio-visual material contains photographs of Morison and others, sailboats, 44 Brimmer Street, and World War II scenes; silent film footage of Morison in Northeast Harbor, Maine; watercolor sketch of Morison; and recordings of interviews with Morison.
    • Visual Material, ca. 1930-1976 [HUGFP 33.80]
    • Audio Material, 1959-1975 [HUGFP 33.85]