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Radcliffe College Suffrage

Published Materials

Publications from the college are a rich resource for learning about student life and activities as well as about the administration/leadership. Each publication can be keyword searched. Try for example: suffrage; anti-suffrage, civics club; Maud Wood Park, Inez Haynes (or Inez Gillmore Irwin), Harvard Suffrage League, etc.

Two titles in this list that are not Radcliffe publications, The Crimson and The Woman's Journal, should be consulted for their coverage of suffrage related matters at Radcliffe.

Radcliffe Periodicals

Other Periodicals


A good place to search for information about clubs and/or individual students.  Though chartered as a college in 1894, Radcliffe's first yearbook was not published until 1898.

Student Handbooks

A guide providing a wide range of information to students. Content includes college rules and listings about student clubs, organizations and social activities.