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Radcliffe College Suffrage

Research Suggestions

Want to know more?

Reading Radcliffe history narratives will provide greater context about the college during the year's of the suffrage movement.

Consulting the Harvard University Archives is strongly recommended to fully understand Harvard's role in the suffrage movement at Radcliffe.

Using the library's Research Guide on Women's Suffrage will provide a better understanding of the library's resources documenting the movement as a whole. 

Searching HOLLIS catalog for additional resources. HOLLIS is the first best search tool to identify materials of research interest.

HOLLIS Search Tips

See below for an example on how to search in HOLLIS:

  • Start in Harvard's HOLLIS catalog.
  • Enter the term "Maud Wood Park" in the keyword search field.
  • Enter any further description of what you are seeking (e.g., name, place, subtopic, etc.) in the additional search fields.
  • You can choose to limit your search results to "Books," "Journals," "Archives/Manuscripts," etc. in the "Material Type" field or leave it set at "All Items."
  • In the "Location" field, select "Schlesinger" from the drop down menu.
  • Click the "Search" button.

Thinking about visiting to do research? Please contact us in advance using Ask a Schlesinger Librarian.