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Radcliffe College Suffrage

Maud Wood Park

Maud Wood Park graduated from Radcliffe College in 1898 and was active in suffrage and civic work in Boston for more than fifteen years. With Inez Gillmore Irwin, she organized the first chapter of the College Equal Suffrage League in 1900.  During the next eight years she worked to establish local chapters in Massachusetts, New York, and the Midwest. Following the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, Park served as the first president of the National League of Women Voters (1920-1924). In 1943 she facilitated the donation of extensive materials documenting the suffrage movement and women's history post 1920 to Radcliffe College. This collection, called the Woman's Rights Collection, formed the nucleus of the Women's Archives, later the Schlesinger Library. She also wrote Front Door Lobby recounting the lobbying experience of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Most of Park's papers are collected at the Library of Congress and in the Woman's Rights Collection at the Schlesinger Library.