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Mapping Islam in China, c. 14th–17th century

Mapping Huihui Islamic Scholars in Late Ming and Early Qing



Harvard Library AOK Grant, 2023

Tracing the Transmission of Islamic Classical Learning in China: An Interactive Digital Map of the Spread of Islam

Xiaohe Ma (project lead) and Annie Xi Wang

This project aims to create an interactive digital map of the transmission of Islamic classical learning in China, from the Ming Dynasty to the early Qing Dynasty (14th–17th century), as documented in the Jinxue xi chuan pu 經學系傳譜 (Register of the Lineage and Transmission of the Islam Classical Learning), written by Zhao Can 趙燦 in the 1670s. It is a collection of biographies of Muslim scholars. By digitizing this significant historical text and using Geographic Information System (GIS) software, we will be able to create an interactive map that visualizes and analyzes the spread of Islam in China over time, identifying key figures with their biographies, institutions, and cultural exchanges.

Annie Xi Wang