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Part 1:  News Features & Internal Communications, 1848-2000. Description.
Part 2: Washington, D.C. Bureau Collection (1938-2009). Description.
Part 3: U.S. Cities Bureaus Collection (mainly post WWII). Description.

Associated Press Online Archive, Part 1: News Features & Internal Communications, 1848-2000 includes news stories and analysis and provides access to internal AP publications dating from the turn of the century. The AP World and other in-house serial publications cover staff news, company news, technological innovations, bureau histories, news policies, and weekly tallies of the AP's top stories. Non-serial publications include a wide variety of informational and promotional brochures, AP style manuals, handbooks for correspondents, and technical manuals.  Also included in the collection are unpublished histories and personal papers of AP staff members.

Associated Press Online Archive, Part 3: U.S. Cities Bureaus Collection  (1931-2004) offers access to records from the AP's Atlanta, Austin, Birmingham, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh bureaus.  Records include news stories in various stages of production. Also includes  correspondence between the Bureau and the New York office, memos, meeting notes, and more.