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Instructions for requesting microfilm in Lamont.  The Microfilm Collection is not open access and must be paged.


Antislavery newspapers and periodicals. 5 vols. Indexes about 40,000 published letters. Correspondence sections comprised around one fifth of the contents of anti-slavery periodicals. Letters listed in chronological order under each periodical, with brief summaries. Index of correspondents.
Included in  Black abolitionist papers

  • Vol. I: 1817-1845
    • Philanthropists
    • Emancipator
    • Genius of Universal Emancipation
    • Abolition Intelligencer
    • African Observer
    • Liberator
  • Volume II: 1835-1865
    • Liberator
    • Anti-Slavery Record
    • Human Rights
    • Observer
  • Volume III: 1836-1854
    • Friend of Man
    • Pennsylvania Freeman
    • Advocate of Freedom
    • American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Reporter
  • Volume IV: 1840-1860 and Volume V: 1861-1871
    • National Anti-Slavery Standard

Slavery and Anti-slavery: A Transnational Archive includes many abolitionist newspapers. Open Publication Search and all periodical publications are displayed. Then limit to place of publication and date.


Farm, Field & Fireside: Agricultural Newspaper Collection (1856-1981)


Alt-Press Watch (1995- ) is a full text database of the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the alternative and independent press.

Independent Voices provides over 1,000 titles of the independent alternative press of the 60s-80s. Many papers are still only available at Harvard via microfilm collections, below.

Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975: Rock and roll, counterculture, peace and protest.  Choose Document Type: Underground Press to see titles.

The Sixties :primary documents and personal narratives 1960-1974


The following microfilm sets contain hundreds of U.S. and British alternative / underground newspapers from the era 1963-1985. No indexing is available.

To find out if your newspaper is in one of these four collections, search the title in the UIUC Library Newspaper Database.  Find the reel number by consulting the printed guides (call number preceded by “INDEX”).

Preserving the U.S. Underground and Alternative Press of the 1960s and '70s: History, Prospects, and Microform Sources. Appendix B offers a list of the publications in the original. Underground newspaper collection and the Hoover and Missouri supplements, but not the Alternative Press Center supplement.

Underground newspaper collection 476 microfilm reels [1963-1985]
Microforms (Lamont) | Film S 4044
Microforms (Lamont) | INDEX Film S 4044
Online list
Individual titles have HOLLIS records but with CRL location only. Reel and item number are given.

Hoover Institution supplement to the Underground newspaper collection. 16 microfilm reels
Microforms (Lamont) | Film S 953.5
Microforms (Lamont) | INDEX Film S 953.5 = Guide
Individual titles DO NOT have HOLLIS records

Underground press collection. Alternative Press Center supplement. 320 microfilm reels
Microforms (Lamont) | Film A 902
Microforms (Lamont) | INDEX Film A 902 =guide
Individual titles DO NOT have HOLLIS records

Alternative press collection. Microfilm] 1986-<2015>
Microforms (Lamont)  |  Film S 4044
Microforms (Lamont)  |  Index Film S 4044

UMC Library underground newspaper collection. University of Missouri, Columbia. 9 microfilm reels.
Microforms (Lamont)  Film S 953.6Microforms (Lamont) INDEX Film S 953.6 [= Guide ]

Fire!. Chicago, Illinois : [Students for a Democratic Society], Nov. 7, 1969-
Microforms (Lamont) | FILM S 953 vol. 22, etc

New left notes. Chicago, Ill. : SDS, 1966-1969. 4 v.
Microforms (Lamont) | Film S 953 vol.1 etc.
Widener | Harvard Depository LH1.A2 S73

For Britain:
Underground and alternative press in Britain.
Microforms (Lamont) | Film S 1403
Microforms (Lamont) | Microfiche S 65 Guides issued as separate printed vols. have call no: INDEX Microfiche S65 

The Left in Britain. Microfilm reels & Microfiche.

The Underground and alternative press in Britain. Microfilm.

British contemporary press. Microfilm.


Collegiate Chronicle aggregates US student newspapers.

To search for articles in the Harvard Crimson Online Archives (1873- ), or go to Google Advanced Search.  Put your terms (you may include a year) in the appropriate search box, and put  - - in the Site or Domain box.

American Historical Newspapers Online: Regions and Subjects (Cornell guide) Student newspapers in lower left 

JSTOR Open Community Collections has many student newspapers. Under Discover new avenues of research, put newspapers in the Filter list of collections box.  Or browse through Contributor list

In the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) search college newspapers, then, at left, open Contributing Institution.

The JSTOR Open Community Collections offers 1194 collections contributed by repositories in the US and UK on a wide variety of subjects and regions.  Collections include numerous image collections (the ArtStor collections are included), but also periodicals, manuscripts, and personal papers.

The Search items from all collections box is a full text search over all the collections. The Collection type boxes offer collection subject, collection title, and home institution searches

For newspapers, search college newspapers

Historical U.S. College and High School Student Newspapers Online. Some dead links and obtrusive ads but useful

In, search college student newspapers, on the results page select Open Access.  Best to search a particular title or college, because one cannot separate  whole title records from individual issue records.

Internet Archive has many college newspapers. Search College Newspapers. On the results page under Media type, select Collections. You can search full text within a collection.

The Daily Californian.  Berkeley, Calif. : Independent Berkeley Student Pub.
HathiTrust Full Text:
Wed Jan. 12, 1898-Apr 9, 1979; Sep. 19, 2000-Feb. 7, 2019   ---     Full Text  Jan. 13, 1902- Oct. 30, 1942 (Complete?)


Proquest historical newspapers. Communist historical newspaper collection  -- People's weekly world (1990-2013) -- Sunday worker (1936-1958) -- The toiler (1919-1922) -- The worker (1922-1924) -- The worker (1958-1968).


American Popular Entertainment collection (1853-1929) (Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections) contains newspapers and trade journals published for the entertainment industry. Titles Currently Available:

New York Clipper 7 May 1853 - 12 July 1924 (3605 issues)
Player 8 December 1911 - 21 November 1913 (102 issues)
Vaudeville News 16 April 1920 - 8 June 1929 (286 issues)


Littauer Library Slichter Industrial Relations Collection preservation microfilm project: Pamphlets and Newspapers

The Boston Public Library has a collection of labor newspapers, largely Massachusetts and New York, on microfilm.

Tamiment Library Research & Tools (bottom of page) offers links to bibliographies of labor periodicals.


Archives of Sexuality & Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940 includes Lesbian Herstory Archives and other newspapers

Bay Area Reporter Complete Archives 1971-2005 (San Francisco)

LGBT Life with Full Text includes newspapers.

"News on the Margins: Surfacing Marginalized Voices in the Newspaper Collections of Libraries, Archives, and Museums" Appendix E: Open Digital and Digitized Newspapers offers lists of open access LGBT newspapers


Stars and Stripes: The American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War I, 1918 to 1919

Stars and Stripes Publication History

Several editions are available via Access Newspaper Archive (European ed. and Pacific ed. 1948-1999; several for the WWII era).  To search an individual edition, you must specify country, state, city of publication at the bottom of the Advanced Search page.  Find this information here: At bottom: Browse available papers. Select desired paper. Resulting page gives Country State and City needed to limit search to Stars and Stripes.


American Prison Newspapers, 1800-2020: Voices from the Inside


Union List of Digitized Jewish Historic Newspapers, Periodicals and e-Journals

Directory of Catholic Newspapers Online

Catholic News Archive

Mormon newspapers, nineteenth century. 1 microfilm reel ;
Microforms (Lamont) | Harvard Depository | Film W 24019
HOLLIS Record with Contents list

Historical Jewish Press (1843-1988) is a worldwide collection of Jewish newspapers.

Jewish Telegraph Agency Archives (1923- ).  The JTA, founded 1917,  reports news and is used by newspapers as a source.

Israelite 1859-1867 (only) – not searchable, but covers Civil War

[Columbus] Ohio Jewish Chronicle, 1922-1994.

Pittsburgh Jewish newspaper project (1895- present) newspapers with some search capacity.

Southern Israelite (1929-1986)  - Atlanta newspaper with good search engine

Newspaper Digital Collection for the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica (University of Florida) includes the Price Library of Judaica Anniversary Collection which offers a digitized collection of 31 anniversary editions of Jewish newspapers.



Herstory: microfilm collection (90 reels)
Microforms (Lamont) Film S 1023
Online Guide
--Over 800 periodicals from the International Women’s History Periodical Archive

Herstory : microfilm collection. Table of contents and Supplementary Set
Berkeley, Calif.: Women’s History Library; Wooster, Ohio: Micro Photo, 1972, xiv, 136 p.; Addenda, 2 vol., 1976.
HOLLIS Record (Table of contents)
HOLLIS Record (Supplementary Set)

Described in:
The Women's History Research Center Collections: Access and Utility. Serials Review, 01 October 1979, Vol.5(4), p.39-44
Online Version