Introduction and Major US Full Text Sources

This guide is currently being revised


This guide is intended to help Harvard students and faculty find newspapers and newspaper articles. 

Guide Contents

  1. Do you want articles on a topic?
  1. Major databases: United States or Foreign, if nothing then
  2. Lists of digitized newspapers
  3. Check list of miscellaneous databases and resources


  1. Do you want newspaper published at a particular place and time?
  1. Find out what papers were published in a city/town, US or foreign by year
  2. Go to A, 1,2,3 to see if it is digitized, if not:
  3. Do we have it on microfilm, if not:
  4. Interlibrary loan


  1. Do you want newspapers for a particular audience (African-American, American Indian, labor, collegiate, etc)?
  1. Find out what papers were published for your audience
  2. Go to A, 1,2,3(Themed)
  3. Is there a microfilm collection?
  4. Do we have the paper?
  5. Interlibrary loan

The Kennedy School offers a guide aimed more at sources for current news: News & Media Studies

Major Online Full Text Sources for US Newspapers

NexisUni (1980s- ) is the usual first choice for finding recent newspaper articles, with full text (pictures omitted) coverage of numerous U.S. and overseas newspapers. 

  • Choose Advanced Search
  • Select a Specific Content type: News
  • Enter your search terms, then Add them to your search


Factiva (1980s- ) offers full text (pictures omitted) of over 6,000 newspapers, magazines, wire services and trade journals. To limit to a particular newspaper enter, e.g., sn=wall street journal and "search term". Articles for which the copyright resides with the author rather than the newspaper which are not available in NexisUni sometimes have a citation without full text in Factiva. Includes the Wall Street Journal full text, 1984- (abstracts, 6/13/1979-1983) and the Boston Globe (1987- ). Search Guide: Factiva User Guide: Browsing & Searching (Boston College guide)

Articles for which the copyright resides with the author rather than the newspaper will not generally be available in NexisUni or Factiva, although Factiva sometimes provides citations. Use newspaper indexes to find articles omitted from the full text sources.

Ethnic NewsWatch (1959- ) offers full-text of 90 newspapers and other periodicals (1990- ) and of 30 African American, Hispanic American, and Native American newspapers and other periodicals (1959-1989). Includes book/film/television reviews. Lists of periodicals by ethnicity. Includes African American, Arab American, Asian American, European American, Hispanic/Latino/Chicano, Jewish, Native American newspapers. For more newspapers by ethnicity, see: Additional U.S. Ethnic Newspaper Sources

NewspaperARCHIVE offers numerous newspapers from the 19th and 20th centuries.  Contains many small-city newspapers.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers (mostly 19th-20th century) include illustrations, editorials, and advertising. Available papers are listed below.

General Newspapers

Search all ProQuest news sources using: Proquest News & Newspapers.  Search across all newspapers, or select a custom group of titles to search across, rather than searching just one title.

America’s Historical Newspapers (1690-1993)  (Readex) offers full text of over a thousand U.S. newspapers. Includes all papers listed in the standard History and bibliography of American newspapers, 1690-1820, by Clarence S. Brigham. Although a very rich resource, many important newspapers, especially for the later years, are not included.  Now includes several post-1922 papers; title list (In Quick Facts & Overview box on the right).

19th Century U.S. Newspapers offers full text of about 500 newspapers.

Chronicling America, enhancing access to historic American newspapers (1836-1922) (Library of Congress) offers searchable full text.  For a list of digitized newspapers for each state, choose All Digitized Newspapers 1836-1922. Also includes the valuable U.S. Newspaper Directory, 1690-Present, in which searches for newspapers can be limited by language and ethnicity.