90 Key Texts

90 Key Texts is a curated list of texts recommended by the TDM faculty as essential for our understanding of performance, both contemporary and historical. By no means “required reading,” this list, rather, is expressive of the diversity of interests and expertise of our faculty, and so a good place to check in as you begin new projects, audition new classes, or discuss ideas with your peers and advisors.

The names of recommending faculty are included in each listing, if you care to follow up and further your exploration of these ideas.

The texts here are organized into three categories: Theory, History and Practice (Topics in practice range from acting, design, directing and dramaturgy to management, technical theater and health and safety guides for the theater.)

What is a Text?

While, in many humanities-based concentrations, the word "text" is used to refer primarily to the written word, that definition is expanded in Theater, Dance and Media (and other creative/practice-based fields) to include "texts" in other media, ranging from video archives of performances, dance and musical notation, audio recordings, documentary and narrative film along with more traditional written texts in history, theory and practice.

Visiting Artist Paul Lazar Recommends...