This Research Guide was designed for students and faculty in the concentration in Theater, Dance and Media. Our goal is to guide access to key resources that will be useful in research and performance projects. These resources range from perspectives on acting, dance, directing, choreography, dramaturgy and design to production histories, communication skillsets and the technologies we use to both enable and enhance performances across multiple platforms. This guide is by no means exhaustive, but rather should direct you toward the core tools at your disposal throughout the Harvard Library system and beyond.

On the left you will find several tabs that will help guide you in your research:

75 Key Texts is a curated list of books and other resources recommended by TDM faculty as essential to our understanding of theater and performance. Though not “required reading,” these texts are expressive of the diverse interests of TDM faculty and might offer direction or inspiration to students either considering or already immersed in the field.

Research Methods offers students practical advice on how best to locate resources pertinent to a variety of research and production projects. Here you can learn how to find play texts, libretti, scores, etc, as well how to research people, topics, events and production histories. Each sub-page is illustrated with specific case studies that model best practices.

Resources provides direct links to the wide array of resources available through the Harvard Library system and out in the world at large. These include books, peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, image banks and other design resources, as well as audio and video documentation of key productions – much of which is available digitally.

Archives offers links not only to the extensive theater related resources in our own collections, but also to key archives outside the university that can be accessed locally or globally. Where possible, key contacts have been listed alongside these institutions and their holdings.