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BUDDHISM & SHINTŌISM IN JAPAN: A-TO-Z PHOTO DICTIONARY OF JAPANESE SCULPTURE & ART Primarily focusing on Nara, Heian, and Kamakura periods (7-14th centuries), created and maintained by Mark Schumacher.

CISMOR, Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions Doshisha University

Religion in Japan ein web handbuch (German language website)


近代日本の宗教雑誌アーカイヴ Archival Research on Religious Periodicals in Modern Japan.



 Japanese Journal of Religious Studies ISSN 0304-1042: covers 1974-present

The Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (ISSN 0-193-600XX) 

Matsuri: Festival and Rite in Japanese Life by Inoue Nobutaka Contemporary papers on Japanese Religion 1

平凡社「東洋文庫」全文  Enter via JapanKnowledge

往生要集 源信 石田瑞麿訳

歎異抄・執持鈔・口伝鈔・改邪鈔 親鸞述 石田瑞麿訳

維摩経 石田瑞麿訳


修験道史研究 和歌森太郎

みかぐらうた・おふでさき 民衆宗教の聖典・天理教 中山みき 村上重良校注

金光大神覚 民衆宗教の聖典・金光教 金光大神 村上重良校注

お経様 民衆宗教の聖典・如来教 一尊如来きの 村上重良校注

生命のおしえ 民衆宗教の聖典・黒住教 黒住宗忠 村上重良校注

御ふみ 〓如 出雲路修校注

大本神諭 天の巻 火の巻 民衆宗教の聖典・大本教 出口ナオ 村上重良校注

一休和尚年譜 今泉淑夫校注

感身学正記 1 西大寺叡尊の自伝 叡尊 細川涼一訳注


JBAE - Japanese Buddhist Art in European Collections  在欧博物館等保管日本仏教美術資料データベース

Harvard Art Museum holds a sizable collection of Japanese religious arts like this.

Illustrated "Vajra-Sckhara-yoga-homa-kolpa" (J: Kongôchô-yuga-goma) sutra from Jingo-ji, Takao, Late Heian period, probably 12th century

Buddhism 仏教

Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Buddhist sutras

INBUDS インド学仏教学論文データベース

大正新脩大蔵経 テキストデータベース
Shinshu Daizokyo大正新修大藏經.


International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism 花園大学国際禅学研究所

電子達磨 Digital Bodhidharuma General Archives for Zen Research

Downloadable Zen texts from the Daizokyo 大藏經 and Zoku zokyo 續藏經. Searchable full text database of Gozan bungaku zenshu 五山文學全集 (Shibunkaku 思文閣).

Sotozen Net 曹洞禅ネット
Articles and papers on the Soto 曹洞 school (1868 to 2003); searchable by title and author.


Digital Dictionary of Buddhism 電子佛教辭典 (Harvard ID/PIN required)
Edited by Charles Muller at the Toyo Gakuen University 東洋学園大学, the dictionary provides English definitions for Buddhist terms in a range of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pali, Sanskrit, and Tibetan, as well as pronunciations. It includes A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms : with Sanskrit and English equivalents and a Sanskrit-Pali index, compiled by William Edward Soothill and Lewis Hodous. Harvard students, faculty, and staff may use the dictionary for unlimited searching via this URL.


印度学仏教学研究者ディレクトリ 検索 Directory of Buddhist scholars in Japan


Guide to Shosoin Research 正倉院研究ガイド Compiled by Bryan Lowe and Chris Mayo.


Digital contents

愛媛大学鈴鹿文庫 Extensive collection on Shinto and Japanese history books and manuscripts.


『日本霊異記』漢文 Kanbun Text


平凡社「東洋文庫」全文  Enter via JapanKnowledge


Inner Sanctuary of Kôya-san 1941, Hiratsuka Un'ichi

Petzold Scrolls Collection
Some 450 scrolls held by Yenching Library's are viewable.




Koyasan saiken ezu 高野山細見絵図 1813