日文研絵巻物データベース18 picture scrolls are veiwable.


「木曽物語絵巻 上」  「木曽物語絵巻 下」  「酒呑童子絵巻」

Illustrated Books

Ehon: The Artist and the Book in Japan: NYPL Digital Gallery More than 1,000 images encompassing 1,200 years of Japanese book art, including Buddhist sutras, painted manuscripts, portraits, landscapes, calligraphic verse, and photographic books, with related drawings and woodblock prints.

ちりめん本データベース Printed on crepe paper (chirimen), 77 titles of Japanese Folk tales are viewable.


Les Nara ehon de la BnF(Nara ehon of French National Library) 27 titles held by BnF are viewable.

米国議会図書館蔵奈良絵本 Four books held by Library of Congress fully digitized.



Museum collections

e国宝: Japan's National Treasures

文化遺産オンライン Culutural Heritage online

Art of Asia, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Harvard Art Museum Collections

Prince Shôtoku at Age Two (Japanese: Shôtoku Taishi Nisaizô), Kamakura period, datable to circa 1292

ARTstor for Japanese works (ID)


Images seaches