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Women's Suffrage

Photographs, Posters, & Memorabilia

Suffrage movements are well documented in the Schlesinger Library's holdings through visual materials such as photographs and posters. Also often included in archival collections are items termed "memorabilia," which can include pins and buttons, banners and pennants, sashes, and more. These items are located in numerous collections and can be challenging to locate.

The Library holds one collection consisting entirely of suffrage posters, the Poster Collection of Alice Park. All posters in this collection have been digitized and are accessible without a Harvard ID through HOLLIS Images.

If you have questions or would like additional assistance, please contact us.

Although the majority of the Schlesinger Library's suffrage memorabilia is not yet digitized, some items can be viewed online through HOLLIS Images. HOLLIS Images also includes photographs and posters relating to suffrage.

To search for digitized items relating to suffrage:

  • Start in Harvard's HOLLIS Images.
  • Select Advanced Search
  • In the Location field, select Schlesinger.
  • Enter the term "suffrage" or another keyword into the first search field.
  • Enter the description of the type of item (i.e., photograph) you are searching for into the second field.
  • Click the "Search" button.

Sample search results: