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Biblical Studies Resources

An orientation to selected resources in Harvard Divinity School Library and in online resources licensed by the Harvard Library for the study of the Bible


Harper Atlas of the Bible

The Harper Atlas contains photographs and articles on a variety of subjects relating to the material and physical culture of the biblical world. It also includes both traditional flat maps and maps that take into account the curvature of the earth. The position of north varies from map to map.

Macmillan Bible Atlas (Print Only)

The Macmillan Atlas is arranged by topic. Each topic has an article (usually around 150-200 words) and an accompanying map. Conquests and campaigns are particularly well covered.

Oxford Bible Atlas (Harvard Login)

Oxford Bible Atlas includes photographs, maps, chronological charts, as well as helpful textual information on biblical periods, and the peoples and civilizations of the ancient Near East. A print version is also available.

The Sacred Bridge (Print Only)

[Atlas Stand BS630.R356 2006] The Sacred Bridge is an extension of the 1993 Macmillan Bible Atlas, with a broader definition of the biblical world. It covers the entire eastern Mediterranean littoral known as the "Levant." It is arranged historically from the third millennium bce to the second century ce. Special attention is given to ancient written sources of geographical information, as well as to current archaeological research.

Other Atlases

Atlases may also be found in several different areas in the Reference Room: the Atlas Stand, the BS section [Ref. BS630-636] of both regular size and folio, and the G section [Ref. G1021-GN739] of both regular size and folio, as well as in the stacks.

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