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Biblical Studies Resources

An orientation to selected resources in Harvard Divinity School Library and in online resources licensed by the Harvard Library for the study of the Bible


Young's Concordance (Print Only)

This resource lists the frequency and place of appearance of 311,000 English words that appear in the King James Version of the Bible. Included are the original Greek or Hebrew words, some grammatical information, English translation (or translations) of the word, and its frequency of appearance in the Bible. See Using Young's Concordance for advice on looking up words in this concordance.

Strong's Concordance (Print Only)

This resource lists the frequency and place of appearance of every word in the King James Version, with the 47 most common words (e.g., "and," "but," and "the") found in an appendix. The concordance proper is sorted by English word. Each occurrence of the word is listed by verse and given a number that refers to corresponding numerical entries in the Greek or Hebrew and Aramaic dictionaries found at the back of the book. Dictionary entries include some grammatical information, English transliteration of the original word, definition of the word, and a list of the English translation(s) with their number of occurrence. Many other concordances and dictionaries utilize Strong's numbers, making it a valuable resource beyond its own covers. A revised version with the title The Strongest Strong's is also available

Analytical Concordance to the New Revised Standard Version of the New Testament

An exhaustive index to every occurrence of every significant word in the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) New Testament. The concordance provides information about each word in the original Greek that is being translated into English. Using transliteration of the Greek words and numbering as references, the user does not have to know Greek to take advantage of this analysis.

Other Concordances

Additional English-language concordances are in Ref. BS425, and non-English language concordances are in Ref. BS427-28. Concordances to the Hebrew Bible are in Ref. BS1121, to the Septuagint in Ref. BS1122, and to the Greek New Testament in Ref. BS2302. Additional concordances may also be found in the stacks.

Online Bible Versions

There are many English-language Bible versions online that can be searched like a concordance. The new Oxford annotated Bible (Harvard Login) includes the New Revised Standard Version.The oremus Bible Browser also includes the New Revised Standard Version; note that its default search text is the Anglicized version and you have to select the American version.  Jewish Study Bible, (Harvard Login) includes the Hebrew Bible--in the Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation.  Older English-language versions may be searched in The Bible in English (Harvard Login).

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