Support for various methods of data analysis - both quantitative and qualitative - exists across Harvard's campus and online.  Also posted are data related events, webinars, tutorials and other trainings at Harvard and beyond.

Support Resources by Method

Harvard Kennedy School

  • PAE/SYPA Data & Methods Course Assistants are available courtesy of Library & Research Services. They are available at the beginning of each spring semester to support MPP and MPA/ID students working on PAE or SYPA. Visit our KNet site for details, contact information, and to schedule an appointment.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Action is an HKS student organization that brings together folks interested in policy, tech, engineering, and social science to explore the nuanced potential of AI in society.

Digital Scholarship Support Group

The Digital Scholarship Support Group is a Harvard-wide initiative that functions as a single point of entry to many data-related University resources. It includes staff with expertise in technical, pedagogical, and subject-specific areas across disciplinary and divisional borders. Services provided include:

Harvard Statistics Consulting Service

The Department of Statistics offers free, drop-in consulting services on statistical issues to Harvard affiliates. Statistics PhD students are available to assist in all forms of data analysis and interpretation, including but not limited to:

  • Causal inference
  • Experimental design
  • Classification and prediction (machine learning)
  • Statistical issues arising from big data sets
  • Time series
  • Model fitting
  • Data visualization

Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences

IQSS provides research data support to Harvard affiliates. Services they offer include:

  • Data science consultations of up to three hours per person (limited to those working on any piece of research whose ultimate outcome is publication in a peer-reviewed journal). Expertise is available on:
    • ​Data organization -- sharing and secure storage
    • Data processing and cleaning
    • Programming -- R, Python, Stata, SAS, SPSS, Matlab
    • Project planning -- study design and tools
    • Selection and interpretation of statistical methods
    • Using high-performance computing -- RCE, AWS
    • Visualization
  • ​Workshops
  • Online training materials
  • Preceptors who can consult on specific data-related topics

Online Resources

Center for Geographic Analysis

The CGA supports research cross the University with emerging geospatial technologies, in the following ways:

Harvard Graduate School of Design

GSD's guide to Geospatial and Statistical Data Resources can help you:

  • Find access to online tutorials
  • Locate geospatial data by geographic region and type
  • Find statistics resources
  • Cite your geographic data
  • Understand GPS units
  • Understand web mapping basics
  • Find library books on GIS and data

Harvard Map Collection

The Harvard Map Collection offers Harvard affiliates cartographic design support, including help with software like ArcGIS, QGIS, and online interfaces. Email the Map Collection with your question or to set up a one-on-one consultation.

Register for the GIS in the Libraries Canvas page for helpful information and videos

Lamont Multimedia Lab

The Lamont Multimedia Lab offers mapping support in the following ways:

Online Resources

Harvard Kennedy School

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods is an online resource that supports research in virtually all disciplines through access to various online materials that can guide users through every step of the research process (Harvard login). Materials include:

  • Books
  • Videos and articles on quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Case studies
  • Project design tools
  • Podcasts
  • Datasets

Lamont Library

Qualitative research support is offered through Lamont Library. In addition to their Guide to Qualitative Research at Harvard, they provide:

Online Resources

Visualization Support at Harvard Library / Lamont Multimedia Lab

Visualization Support at Harvard Library offers training, help, and consultations on data visualization, including on the use of tools like Tableau.

Online Resources

Events, Webinars and Tutorials

Past Events and Training Resources