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For more LGBTQI+ books, data, & primary sources, explore our
LGBTQI+ Policy Research Guide

The following resources offer introductions to research on gender and sexuality. You can use them to get a broad understanding of your topic before delving deeper with the databases and other resources listed further down on this page.

Featured Resource: Schlesinger Library at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute

Schlesinger Library on a sunny day. View from the Radcliffe Quad.Schlesinger Library at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study is "considered the leading center for scholarship on the history of women in the United States, with collections that span civil rights and feminism, health and sexuality, work and family life, education and the professions, and culinary history and etiquette."

Schlesinger in open to the public. Explore their collections and research resources online. Many of the related guides listed at the bottom of this page were created by Schlesinger librarians.

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Find LGBTQI+ data & methods in our
LGBTQI+ Policy Research Guide

Find data on all topics & support resources in our

Data Resources for HKS Affiliates Research Guide

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For books, search for full titles or keywords in HOLLIS, Harvard's library catalog.

For help with HOLLIS, see the HOLLIS User Guide.

Also for books, explore the following book displays curated annually in the HKS Library:

Finally, explore books from our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Collection:

For journal articles, explore the databases below:

Also explore the following resources at HKS:

  • Gender Action Portal - Led by the Women and Public Policy Program at HKS, GAP "is a collection of research evaluating the impact of specific policies, strategies, and organizational practices to advance gender equity. GAP focuses on experimental approaches to evaluate policies—both in the field and in the laboratory—and draws from multiple disciplines, including economics, psychology, and organizational behavior."
  • Gender, Race & Identity - HKS Policy Topic centered on the question of how gender, race, class and other aspects of identity affect the policymaking process.

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