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LLM Corporate Law Writing Group

For use by the LLM Corporate Law Writing Group.



COVID Information: All Library services are currently open virtually and physically to Harvard students, faculty, and staff. However, this could change. For information regarding the services currently available (remote and on-site), please check these resources on a regular basis: (1) HLS Library Landing Page, and (2) Harvard University Library's Landing Page.


This guide was designed for the LLM Corporate Law Writing Group.  It contains a selection of resources you may find helpful as you develop your paper topic, do a preemption check and perform research for your Long Paper.  It is not exhaustive and additional, more targeted (or broader), resources may be available, depending on your topic. This is a good place to start.

As you conduct your research and find sources relevant to your topic, you should consider setting up alerts on legal research platforms you find helpful. This way you can be notified when additional items are added to a database that meet your search criteria. You can ask the research librarian supporting your writing group for assistance creating an alert (Lisa Lilliott Rydin).

Once you know your paper topic, you should schedule an appointment for a research consultation with the research librarian supporting your writing group (Lisa Lilliott Rydin).

To get started, here are some Research Guides you may find helpful:

The following videos provide an overview on how to use our library catalog and e-research system. The research librarian supporting your writing group can provide further assistance.

A good, general resource on legal academic writing is the book: Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, and Seminar Papers, by Eugene Volokh. Copies are available in the stacks, as part of the Study Guide Collection (at the Circulation Desk) and in the Reference Area.

If you are not able to physically access the Library, Scan & Deliver may be an option. Using the link above, click on the "Scan & Deliver" option (under "Get It," near the bottom). You can then request that a chapter of Volokh's book be scanned and emailed to you. Here is a link to view the Table of Contents.

Legal Literature Databases

Selected Legal Journal Indexes

Below are some select resources you may find helpful but also check the "Sources for Comparing Jurisdictions" section of this Guide and feel free to reach out to me regarding additional resources related to the specific jurisdictions you are interested in or for more historical research.

Full-Text Sources for Legal Articles

Working Papers

Corporate Law and Business-Related Resources

HLS Library Research Guides

Non-Legal Academic Literature

Below are some selected resources. For a more comprehensive list of academic literature by field (e.g., Business and Management, Economics, Environmental Studies, Government, Political Science, and International Relations, etc.), you can use the HOLLIS Databases page and look under "Best Databases For:" 

Legal Databases






Additional information on using a Bloomberg Terminal can be found by following this link to another Research Guide I prepared.

NOTE: The linked Guide was designed for a specific class (not the LLM Writing Group). However, it will get you started if you are not familiar with using a Bloomberg Terminal. For specific questions concerning your research, I recommend you reach out directly to Bloomberg's Customer Support. They know their Bloomberg Terminal best.

  • To connect with Bloomberg Customer Support simply hit the green "Help" key on the Bloomberg Terminal's keyboard 2 times (Help! Help!).
  • Bloomberg Customer Support will reply with a "Message" (internal to the Bloomberg Terminal). Since it may take a while for Customer Support to reply and it is difficult to monitor Messages if you are away from the Bloomberg Terminal you may find it helpful to request that Customer Support reply to your question via your HLS email address.

Additional information on using Capital IQ can be found by following this link to another Research Guide I prepared.

NOTE: The linked Guide was designed for a specific class (not the LLM Writing Group). However, it will get you started if you are not familiar with Capital IQ. For specific questions concerning your research, I recommend you reach out directly to Capital IQ's Customer Support. They know their database the best and can assist you by email or telephone. 

  • Email:
  • Telephone Numbers: (Additional information can be found under the "Contact Us" tab after you've logged into Capital IQ.)
    • Americas: +1 888 806 5541
    • EMEA: +44 (0) 20 7176 1234
    • Asia-Pacific: +852 2533 3565
The FactSet research platform contains a lot of data, including two specific datasets: MergerMetrics and SharkWatch (descriptions above). To access FactSet, you need an individual account. You can create an account by following instructions provided by the Harvard Business School's Baker Library. NOTE: HLS affiliates should follow the instructions for "Masters/undergraduate students" (for web access, not via the FactSet Workstation).

Current Awareness

To create a Tax Notes account use an HLS-networked computer (e.g., one of the terminals in the Library, not your personal laptop). If you need to create an account remotely, you must use HLS's Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities. Instructions can be found on IT's webpage. If you run into any difficulties, please contact Lisa Lilliott Rydin.

Selected Books on Corporate Law

Selected Books/Treatises

Where possible, online access for books is noted. If there is no online access, Scan & Deliver may be an alternative. Click on the "Scan & Deliver" link (under "Get It," near the bottom of the HOLLIS record). You can then request that a chapter of the book be scanned and emailed to you. To know what chapter to request, try to find the Table of Contents online by googling the Title, Author, and Edition or Date. The publisher's webpage will often have this information or the Table of Contents may be available as a preview on Amazon or using Google Books. (This note was most relevant when physical access to the Library was not permitted during the height of COVID -- now you should be able to physically access books and will not need to rely on Scan & Deliver.)

E-Book Collections for Corporate Topics

Other Disciplinary Sources

How to Find Databases in Other (Non-Law) Disciplines

Select Electronic Resources in Other Disciplines

Oxford Bibliographies - Oxford Bibliographies is a series of selective, discipline-focused, online guides to the essential literature in subjects in the humanities and social sciences, as identified by editors and editorial boards selected by the Oxford University Press. Individual guides are updated quarterly, with 50-75 entries added per year to each subject area, as well as revisions to existing entries. Entries provide synoptic, bibliographic guides to the key literature and most useful online resources in given areas of research. Click on "Browse by Subject" (upper left) or "Advanced Search" (upper right) to see options (e.g., International Law).

Oxford Handbooks Online (Scholarly Research Reviews) - Each Handbook offers thorough introductions to topics and a critical survey of the current state of scholarship, creating an original conception of the field and setting the agenda for new research. Handbook articles review the key issues and cutting-edge debates, as well as providing arguments for how those debates might evolve. Click on "Browse by Subject" (upper left) to see all options. Then click on a Subject (e.g., Law) and refine by subtopic in the left margin (e.g., Company and Commercial Law, Competition Law, Financial Law, etc.). 

Topical Databases:

Also see the list of Regional Studies Databases, found in the Sources for Comparing Jurisdictions section of this Guide.

Interdisciplinary Searches

Dissertations and Theses

Working Papers

Sources for Comparing Jurisdictions

Books & E-Books

You should also search HOLLIS for relevant works, but below are some titles and collections that might be particularly useful.

Country Information

Foreign, Comparative & International Law Databases and Resources

Below are some selected resources. For a more comprehensive list of foreign and comparative law databases, please see the HLS Library's Foreign & Comparative Legal Research webpage.

Selected Regional Studies Databases (Non-Law)

Below are some regional databases you may find useful (though not specifically "legal" in nature). You can also search for other relevant databases you may have access to through the general Harvard University Library using HOLLIS's database locator (scroll down for suggestions).