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National History Day 2019-2020: Breaking Barriers

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Start your archival research for National History Day 2019-2020: Breaking Barriers with this guide.

A barrier can be many things - it could be a physical obstruction (a wall), a natural obstruction (an ocean), or a theoretical obstruction (laws or societal beliefs). The collections listed in this guide may help you develop or support your National History day project. Some of the collections have been digitized and can be accessed online, others will require an in-person visit. Please contact us with any questions!

Use the menu on the left to discover the Schlesinger Library's archival collections related to Breaking Barriers. This guide highlights people, organizations, and social and political movements within the United States that are relevant to the 2019-2020 National History Day theme.

Take Note

Many of our collections are stored offsite and/or have access restrictions. Be sure to contact us in advance of your visit.

Personal Stories

While most of the other collections in this guide deal with larger social and political issues and events, the collections on this page are focused on individual life stories.