Background Material

The Yearbook Collection 1946/1947+ provides online searching of the Yearbook of the United Nations. The advantage is that a search can be done within an individual yearbook or for a range of years, to the latest yearbook issued.

UN Yearbooks available in the HeinOnline UN Law Collection

Yearbook of the United Nations. 1946/47+
Location: Documents (Lamont) Doc Ref JX 1977 .A37 Y4 (Level B)

United Nations yearbook collection 1946+
Location: Documents (Lamont) CD-ROM Doc JA51 .U53x (Level B)
A cumulative electronic version of the annual.

UN Chronicle. (with title changes) 1964+
Location: Documents (Lamont) UN 49.89.5 (Level D)
Location: Full text online 1/1/64 +

Basic facts about the United Nations

Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements

New York Times. The newspaper of record can be a useful resource for general background on activity at the United Nations.
Location: New York Times (1851-2010) (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)
Location: Nexis Uni (for New York Times 1980+ )
Location : Widener Newspaper Microfilm Reading Room Film NC 39 (1857+ )