Vote Record

The votes on resolutions are readily found in the Indexes to Proceedings (located on Level D Lamont):

General Assembly
Location: Documents (Lamont) UN 54.7.7

Security Council
Location: Documents (Lamont) UN 54.10.10

Trustee Council
Location: Documents (Lamont) UN 54.20.7

Economic and Social Council
Location: Documents (Lamont) UN 54.25.7

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Additional information on voting practices


The Annual Reports to Congress -- Voting Practices in the United Nations available at U.S. Department of State Reports for recent years (1999+ )


Nations on record : United Nations General Assembly roll-call votes (1946-1973)
Location: Documents (Lamont): Ref JX1977.8.V6 N38 (Level B)

Nations on record : United Nations General Assembly roll-call votes (1974-1977). Supplement.
Location: Documents (Lamont): Ref JX1977.8.V6 N38 Suppl. (Level B)

Nations on record : United Nations General Assembly roll-call votes (1987-1989).
Documents (Lamont): Ref JX1977.8.V6 K53 1990x (Level B)

Voting practices in the United Nations : report to Congress...../ United States. Dept. of State. (1992- )
Location: Microforms (Lamont) S 1.1/8: (Level D)
Location: Law School Mic JX 1977.8.V6 R46a (Drawer 848)

Report to Congress on Voting Practices in the United Nations (1985-1991).
Documents (Lamont): US Doc 1120.20 (Level D)

Veto Record

1991 to the present

See the United Nations Security Council to search through press releases (note that "veto" was a taboo word at the UN until recently; "negative vote by a permanent member" or some such euphemism used to be the norm) or consult the SC Proceedings. Do not consult the voting records in the Index to Proceedings, as only voting records for resolutions are contained there and one cannot have a resolution that has been vetoed.


See Report of the Open-Ended Working Group on the Question of Equitable Representation on and Increase in the Membership of the Security Council and Other Matters Related to the Security Council. GAOR 58th Session, Suppl 48 (A/58/47) Annex III: "Negative votes of permanent members at public meetings of the Security Council".

This chart contains a list of vetoes cast at public meetings from 1946 to April 21st, 2004. Also included are the S/- number of the document containing the draft resolution, the SC meeting number and the name of the permanent member casting the negative vote.

Available online via ODS by searching under the document number: A/58/47(SUPP). Please also note its corrigendum:A/58/47/CORR.1.

The paper edition is available inthe GAOR Supplements in Documents (Lamont): UN 54.7.5 (Level D) , session 58, supplement 48.


The UN Veto in World Affairs, 1946-1990: A Complete Record and Case Histories of the Security Council's Veto. Patil, Anjali V. Sarasota, Florida: UNIFO1992. Documents (Lamont): Ref JX1977.8.V4 P38 1992x