Reference and Biography

Cambridge Economic History of the United States

The Oxford encyclopedia of economic history, ed. by Joel Mokyr.  Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003  5 v.

Who's who in economics, ed. by Mark Blaug and Howard R. Vane. 4th ed. Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar, 2003, 971 p.
Widener  |  RR 4504.5

HOLLIS number [008064092]
Who's who in economics, ed. by Mark Blaug. 3rd ed. Cheltenham, UK ; Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar Pub., 1999, 1235 p.
--Does not replace the 3rd ed. which comprises a biographical dictionary of major economists covering 1700-1996.  The 4th ed. includes only economists alive as of January 1, 2002. 

A biographical dictionary of dissenting economists, by Philip Arestis, Malcolm C. Sawyer. Cheltenham, U.K.; Northampton, Mass.: E. Elgar, 2000

A biographical dictionary of women economists, by Robert W. Dimand, Mary Ann Dimand, Evelyn L. Forget. Cheltenham, U.K.; Northampton, Mass.: Edward Elgar, 2000

Economic thinkers: a biographical encyclopedia, by David A. Dieterle. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Greenwood, 2013

Economic Literature and Statistics/Data

EconLit (1969- ) indexes articles from over 525 journals. Since 1987 includes books and dissertations. Earlier years available in print in Index to Economic Journals (1886- ) and Index of economic articles in collective volumes (1960- )

The Government Documents/Microforms Collection is the primary location for statistics produced by the U.S. and other governments and by international organizations. Many reference sources for statistics of all kinds are located there.

Research Guides

Guides to Data Resources

Data Sources

Data Series Online ( 

FRASER: Federal Reserve Archive 

Federal Reserve Economic Data offers many economic data time series.

Statistical abstract of the United States, prepared by the chief of the Bureau of Statistics, Treasury Department. Washington, 1879- .
Proquest (2013-present), Census Bureau (2012)including earlier editions (1878-2011) .
LLMC (1916-2006)
Documents (Lamont) | Harvard Depository.
Documents (Lamont) | Ref | HA202 .U54x.
Lamont | REFERENCE READY REF | HA202 .A2x Latest edition only.
Widener | RR 4219.4 (Latest ed.) .
Recent editions in several Harvard libraries.

Several overviews of U.S. and foreign statistics are available:

The statistical work of the national government, by Laurence F. Schmeckebier. Baltimore, Md., The Johns Hopkins Press, 1925, 574 p.
Baker Business | Historical Collections -- Baker Old Class | DBD S347
Law School | Harvard Depository | US 964 SCH
Widener | RR 4219.2
--Offers an excellent review of pre-1925 government statistics.

HOLLIS records of books containing largely statistics bear the term <Statistics> attached to their subject headings, e.g., <France--Statistics> and <France--Emigration and immigration--Statistics>. You can enter <France> [Subject search] and scan the resulting list of subject headings or retrieve all the statistics books under France with a keyword subject keyword search, e.g., <France statistics>. This search will also retrieve <Aliens--France--Cultural assimilation--Statistics>.

Harvard Libraries Electronic Resources

Historical Statistics of the United States (HSUS)

Proquest Statistical Insight combines:

  • American Statistics Index (1974- ) for all U.S. Government statistics
  • Statistical Reference Index (1980-) for other U.S. statistics
  • Index to International Statistics (1983- ) for international organization statistics

Full-text of the documents indexed is available on microfiche in Government Documents and Microforms.