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Google and HOLLIS Tutorial ScreenshotFishing for Sources: Google and HOLLIS
Explore the differences between Google and HOLLIS
Save time and get research done faster

Search Problems Tutorial ScreenshotDiagnose Your Search Problems
Fix the problems of too many, too few, or irrelevant search results
Best techniques for sifting through search results

Our One-Minute Videos page provides short videos to help you with your research.

Additional Research Support

  • Our Virtual Media Lab is a central hub for students and faculty to avail themselves of the full range of media support and resources, including video tutorials, workshops, and consultations. 
  • We offer Visualization Support, for incorporating visualization techniques into coursework, research, or teaching. In addition to scheduling consultations, there are also workshops on topics like creating effective data visualizations and using Tableau software. 
  • The Library Support for Qualitative Research guide helps with methodology, data management, NVivo, and more, including a list of upcoming workshops. 
  • The Beginner's Guide to Locating and Using Numeric Data provides support with finding and using data and statistics. 
  • The Research Data Management Program offers services and resources that span the research data lifecycle.