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Middle East and Islamic Studies Library Resources

A guide designed for graduate students and researchers.

Muslims in America

These resources are intended to support student in the secondary field of  Ethnicity, Migration and Rights (EMR) (particular the participants fo the academic working group, Muslim American Studies) as well as the Harvard community more broadly.  Harvard Library Guide for EMR.

Please note we are working on building more resources and would be eager to collaborate with you if you have a research topic in mind via email


Harvard celebrates National Arab American Heritage Month, recognized in April 2021 by President Joe Biden, honoring the contributions and rich heritage of Arab Americans.  

Learn more about Arab American Heritage Month and find opportunities and resources via Harvard Worldwide

Topic to Search May Include:

  • Islam in American Imagination
  • Islamaphobia
  • Nation of  Islam
  • African American Muslim Community
  • Arab American Muslim Community
  • South Asian American Muslim Community
  • Muslim Women in America
  • Arab Muslim Migration
  • Mosques in American Landscape
  • Halal and Food Studies
  • Hollywood and Muslim Representation
  • Arab American Politics
  • Muslim Faith and American Law


  • Neighbors : Muslims in North America, interviews by Elias D. Mallon. New York : Friendship Press, 1989, 104 p.HOLLIS Record
  • For more books on this topic, search: “Muslims United States Interviews” (When searching in HOLLIS Library Catalog, be sure to use quotations" ")


Additional Sites for Sources