What are Committee Prints?

Committee prints were initially internal working papers of Congressional committees, but now are usually publications issued by committees for their own use.  They may be research topics of particular interest to members of Congress or relevant to legislation that is being developed. They are also frequently of interest to researchers.


Title/Description Years Location

ProQuest Congressional 
The index begins in 1789 but Committee prints probably first appear in the 1830's.

1789-1969, 1993+

ProQuest Congressional

US Congressional Committee Prints (CIS)


Doc Ref Z1223.Z7 C66 1980x

CIS Index (91st Congress+)


Doc Ref KF49.C62

Monthly Catalog of Government Publications
(various titles)
1774+ Doc Ref Z1223.18x

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Title/Description Years Location

ProQuest Congressional  ( 103rd Congress+ ) selected committee prints


ProQuest Congressional

Committee prints in paper editions, received on deposit. ( 103rd Congress+ ) Check HOLLIS for individual titles.


Su Doc Y4. etc.

Committee prints in microform, received on deposit. (97th - 104th Congress) arranged by government or Su Doc number


Microfiche Su Doc Y4. etc.

Committee prints in CIS [microform] (91st Congress, 2d session +)


Microfiche S 237
also at
Law Library Mic KF49 .C62 
(Drawers 479-501)

CIS U.S. congressional committee prints microform : [mid-1800s through 1969]. ( 21st - 91st Congress)


Microfiche W 1378

Committee prints (80th - 92nd Congress) Search in HOLLIS Catalog for titles.

Joint Committee Prints

Senate Prints

House Prints


at HD :

US Doc 585.1-.999

US Doc 685.1-.999

US Doc 785.1-.999

Committee prints in United States government publications (non-depository) [microform]. (84th Congress, 2nd sess. - 96th Congress) 1953-1980 Microprint 1 (at HD)