What are Congressional Reports and Documents?

House and Senate documents are numbered with the designation H. Doc. or S. Doc. These publications are usually Congressional committee activity reports, but can also be Presidential messages proposing new legislation or special reports of executive branch agencies.

House and Senate reports are numbered with the designation H. Rpt. or S. Rpt. These publications are the findings of committee deliberations or reports after hearings.  They can provide information on legislative intent and provide a history of a bill. Committees also issue annual or biennial activity reports summarizing their legislative and oversight activities.

House and Senate reports and documents are included in the Serial Set, a continuously numbered set of volumes, numbering in the thousands, containing congressional publications covering a wide range of subjects.

Indexes to Reports and Documents

Title Years Location

ProQuest Congressional (1st Congress to current)

1789 + ProQuest Congressional

NewsBank's U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980

1817-1980 (in progress)

NewsBank U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980

CIS Index (91st congress+ )


Doc Ref KF49.C62

CIS US Serial Set Index


Doc Ref Z1223.Z7C63 1975x

Monthly Catalog of Government Publications


Doc Ref Z1223.A18x

Numerical Lists & Schedule of Volumes (15th - 96th Congress)


Doc Ref Z1223.A187x

CIS Index to US Senate Executive Documents & Reports


Microforms (Lamont) INDEX Microfiche W 5413 [Level B]; also

Law School Reference KF40 .C55x 1987

Full Text of Reports and Documents

Title/Description Years Location

ProQuest Congressional

(not including the Serial Set)

1990-94 (selected)
1995+ (all)
ProQuest Congressional

NewsBank's U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1994

(including the Serial Set with House and Senate reports and executive documents) 


NewsBank U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1994

Reports and Documents (103rd Congress + ) paper ed.


Su Doc Y1.1 etc.

Report and Documents (97th - 104th Congress)


Microfiche Su Doc X95-2, X96-1, X96-2

Reports and Documents (95th Congress)


Microfiche Su Doc X95-2, X96-1, X96-1

CIS [microform] 91st Congress, 2d sess.-105th Congress, 1st sess.)


Microfiche S 237

Reports and Documents (91st Congress, 2nd sess.) (CIS edition)


Law Library Microfiche

Reports and Documents in United States government publications (depository) [microform]. (84th Congress, 2d sess. -96h Congress)
These are indexed in the Monthly Catalog Doc Ref Z1223.A18x.84th (2nd sess.) - 96th Congress


Microprint 2 (at HD)

Reports and Documents in the Serial Set (15th - 95th Congress)


US Doc 445 (Lamont D level or at HD)


Law School Microfiche
(This set includes all lettered volumes. Lettered volumes contain only the House reports on private bills, joint resolutions and on simple and concurrent resolutions. These private reports are bound in two volumes, lettered A and B.)

American State Papers 1st - 14th Congress


US Doc 443

US Senate Executive Documents & Reports

This collection includes various government agency annual reports or other documents that were not issued in the Serial Set.


Microfiche W 5413

Senate Executive Reports

1983-1992 US Doc 632.98-102
(Senate) Treaty Documents 98th-102nd Congress 1983-1992 US Doc 635.98-.102
(Senate) Treaty Doc. 97 Congress 1st session- current 1981- present Microfiche S 237
Senate Treaty Documents 104th Congress - present 1995- present Congressional Documents Search in GPO
Some additional Senate Treaty Documents have been catalogued individually by title. later 1990's- 2000's Search in HOLLIS and retrieve from Offsite Storage.