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Proquest Congressional (100th Congress, 2nd  session+ )


Proquest Congressional

Shepard's Acts and Cases by Popular Names Federal and State (1st Congress + ) 1789+ Doc Ref KF90.S538 (Level B)

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Title/Description Years Location

Proquest Congressional (100th Congress, 2nd session+ )


ProQuest Congressional

Public & Private Laws (104th Congress+ ) on Government Printing Office site


Public and Private Laws GPO

United States Code (82nd Congress, 2nd session+ ) revised every 6 years


US Doc 850.102-.106 (Level D)

HeinOnline U.S. Statutes at Large 1789-2010 Hein Online U.S. Statutes at Large

United States Code and Congressional and Administrative news (81st Congress, 2nd session+ ) Has an index, provides legislative history.


Doc Ref KF 48.W45 (Level B)

Laws, etc. (United States Statutes at Large) (1st Congress+ ) 1789+ US Doc 850.5 (Level D)

Legislative Histories

Legislative histories, tracing the sequence from bill to law, are available on ProQuest Congressional for 1969+ .

ProQuest Legislative Insight is a database which provides legislative histories for enacted laws from 1929-2012, with links to full text documents. The histories are selected on the basis of importance, as determined by ProQuest or by input from Library staff.