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Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Literature & Image Indices

AATA Online
AATA Online provides peer-reviewed abstracts of the international literature of conservation and heritage management in a free online database. Updated quarterly. See also Conservation Information Network.

Electronic dictionary of medieval Latin abbreviations designed for use in both researching and teaching medieval Latin paleography.

ATLA Religion Index
The ATLA (American Theological Library Association) Religion Database indexes journal articles, essays, and book reviews in the field of religion. Citations cover all time periods, religions, and theological perspectives. Indexing spans 1949-present with some retrospective analysis back to 1881.
See also: A guide to searching for literature on specific biblical passages.

Database indexing project with references to more than 10,000 images of God in works of art. May be searched by image type or narrative event. Contains links to other art history and religion online research tools. In German.

Bulletin Monumental
A portion of the author, title, subject, index of Bulletin Monumental, published by the Société française d'archéologie which includes publications of the Congrès Archéologique de France.

Catholic Encyclopedia
Full text of 1908 edition available through New Advent. Browsable by article title. Keyword searching is not available.

Cursus: An Online Resource of Medieval Liturgical Texts
Project to make data from sources of medieval Latin liturgy available on the Internet using XML. Contains a searchable repository of antiphons, responds, and prayers as well as selected liturgical manuscripts.

Directory of Royal Genealogical Data
Index to European royal genealogy in print and online. Includes many useful links. Created and maintained by faculty at the University of Hull.

Ecole Initiative
Project to create a hypertext encyclopedia of early church history. Created and maintained by faculty and staff at the University of Evansville and the St. Pachomius Library.

L'Encyclopédie Médiévale
Index to selected full-text French medieval literature.

Europa Sacra
A database offering complete coverage of Church prelates, information on all 1300 medieval bishoprics, archdioceses and patriarchates and prosopographical information on 18,507 bishops, archbishops and patriarchs. The main sources are: C. Eubel, Hierarchia catholica medii aevi... ab anno 1198 [1st and 2nd edns. Münster, 1898] and P.B. Gams, Series episcoporum ecclesiae catholicae [Regensburg, 1873-86].

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae
Online version of John Le Neve's Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae (1716), a list of the cathedral clergy of England and Wales. Revised in 1854 and enlarged to three volumes by T. Duffus Hardy. Online edition makes use of the many new sources of information now available. Traces the chronology and careers of all the bishops, deans, archdeacons and canons of the cathedral churches of England and Wales from the earliest times to the middle of the nineteenth century. Created and maintained by the Institute of Historical Research.

In Principio: Incipit Index of Latin Texts
Contains over 1 million incipits, covering Latin literature from its origins to the Renaissance. Useful for scholars interested in the authors, texts, and manuscripts of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Index of Christian Art
The Index records works of art produced without geographical limitations from early apostolic times to A.D. 1400 with an emphasis on the western world.  Created and maintained by Princeton University.

Lexikon des Mittelalters
Standard encyclopaedia of the European Middle Ages containing over 36,700 signed articles by 3000 authors. Coverage from 300 to 1500 AD/CE for the whole of Europe and parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

Marburger Index: Bilddokumentation zur Kunst in Deutschland
Contains approximately one million photographic reproductions. Covers all media: art, architecture, furniture, paintings, drawings, manuscripts, reliefs, facades, portals, glass, ceramics, sculpture, mosaics, collages, etc., from medieval to present-day Germany. In German and English.

Medieval Bestiary: Animals in the Middle Ages
Extensive, well-organized website with links to manuscript images, full text, and bibliography.

Mittelhochdeutsche Wörterbuch
Dictionary of Middle High German.

Das Ökumenische Heiligenlexikon
Database of saints containing extensive biographical information as well as images of art, architecture, and maps. In German.

Rois Français du Moyen Âge
Index to French royal genealogy in the Middle Ages. In French.

Thesaurus Exemplorum Medii Aevi
Database of medieval exempla from nearly 50 sources. Sponsored by the Groupe d'Anthropologie Historique de l'Occident Médiéval.

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