Other Primary Sources Types


Latin American census records, by Lyman D. Platt. Salt Lake City, Utah : Instituto Genealógico e Histórico Latinoamericano, 1987. 151 p.
Widener | Harvard Depository | HA755.Z99 P53 x, 1987 001527212
Widener | WID-LC | HA755.Z99 P53 x, 1987


Guide to Finding and Using Numeric Data at Harvard provides a starting point for researchers who are new to using numeric data. It includes basic resources for locating data and using statistical software.

Diaries and Other Personal Writings

Many diaries, letters and  other personal writings are available in print or full text online.

To find them in HOLLIS+ search: India AND "foreign relations" AND (diaries OR archives OR correspondence).

Autobiographies usually bear the Subject term Biography, and so are not distinguished from biographies. The search Autobiographies OR Autobiography yields many autobiographies, but by no means all.

First-hand accounts of life in other countries may be found in travel books.  Find them in HOLLIS by combining the name of your country with the phrase "Description and travel".


A gazetteer is an alphabetical place name list with information on former names, physical features, social statistics, population, etc., depending on the particular gazetteer. Often a very rich resource.

Numerous gazetteers in paper format can be found by searching "Latin America" Gazetteers (or Argentina Gazetteers...) in HOLLIS.

Grey Literature

Latin American Open Archives Portal offers publications issued by research and policy institutes, non-governmental organizations, and other agencies, rather than by commercial publishers. This class of publication if often called "grey literature".


Guidebooks, aimed at travelers, offer much information on buildings, neighborhoods, city history etc.  Find them in HOLLIS or Worldcat by searching: "Buenos Aires" Guidebooks.


Buenos Aires : Barracas, 1872-1970, by Liliana Aslan et al.  Buenos Aires, Argentina: Inventario de Patrimonio Urbano, 1990, 111 p.

Legal Sources

LLMC Digital offers full text of legislative and judicial documents for several Latin American countries.  Open Online Services, then Browse Collections.

See Research Guide for History 97g: "What is Legal History?" for more sources