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Document collections contain various types of primary source documents, often unpublished or ephemeral.

Latin American Document Collections - Online
Collections may pertain to Latin America as a whole, or are spread across several Latin American countries

Latin American Document Collections - Microfilm
Collections may pertain to Latin America as a whole, or are spread across several Latin American countries

Document Collections by Country/Region - Online/Microfilm
Collections are specific to individual countries or geographic regions within Latin America

Latin American Document Collections - Online

Latin American, U.S. Latinx, and Iberian Online Free E-Resources (LACLI) includes, among other material, the resources in:

Latin American & Caribbean Digital Primary Sources (Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials)
A listing of freely available digitized collections of various types of primary source materials from many Latin American countries.

History: Latin America: Primary Sources (University of Washington guide)

Gale World Scholar Latin America & the Caribbean Archive (1500-1986)
Offers over 1.3 million pages of historical material from archives in the United States and Europe about Latin America and the Caribbean. Materials include manuscripts, letters, expedition records, maps, diaries, descriptions of voyages, ephemera, etc.

Digital Archive of Latin American and Caribbean Ephemera (from Princeton University)
Contains pamphlets, flyers, leaflets, brochures, posters, stickers, and postcards on a wide variety of topics.

Latin American Pamphlet Digital Collection (1820-1920)
More than 5,000 pamphlets documenting the emergence of the Latin American colonies as independent states, and illuminating many aspects of their populations' social and cultural life.

Digital Library of the Caribbean
Digitized archival materials originating in the Caribbean and also Latin American beyond the Caribbean. Collections, subjects covered, and types of materials included.

Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamericano
Contains manuscripts, sound recordings, newspapers, maps, drawings, and other primary source materials from the national libraries of Latin American countries.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
Guide to Latin American material on the Web, with links to primary sources.

Latin American Document Collections - Microfilm

More on microfilm

Princeton University Latin American pamphlet collection (On microfilm)

Latin American twentieth century pamphlets. (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm. Online guide

Covers social, political, economic conditions in Latin America in 17th-19th centuries (focus on Mexico & Peru). Guide.
Ephemera and serials relating to socioeconomic and political conditions in Latin America from the 1960s through the 1980s.
Also see microfilm supplements for following years:


Conquistadors: the struggle for colonial power in Latin America, 1492-1825. (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm. Online guide

[Archives, 1960-1995] Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.
Reports, yearbooks, annual reports, "informes", and other documents.

CIDOC Collection: The History of Religiosity in Latin America (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

Iglesia en América Latina (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

Simon Bolivar: a collection of pamphlets (1827-1947) (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

Contains 12,000 interviews with people across Latin America on major political and social events.
A collection of 3112 pamphlets, broadsides, and posters documenting the political and social climate in Mexico and Central America during the period 1980-1991.
Most of the collection consists of ethnolinguistic materials (grammar notes, vocabularies, dictionaries, phonology, linguistic atlases, texts, translations, field data), but there are also materials on ethnography, field diaries and notes, social studies, interviews, etc.
[Microfilms largely on Latin American politics and human rights, especially women’s rights]
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Microforms (Lamont) Film A 806 – A 812

Document Collections By Country/Region - Online/Microfilm


Argentine political parties pamphlets (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.
Includes portraits, broadsides, posters, newspaper articles in The Princeton University Library Latin American Collection

Publicaciones políticas y culturales Argentinas, c. 1917-1956 (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm. Online guide
Cultural and leftist political periodicals. Related collections with varying years available on microfilm: to find, search Publicaciones políticas y culturales Argentinas in HOLLIS.

Archivos del Sindicato de Trabajadores Concord (Si.Tra.C.), Córdoba, Argentina, 1970-1971 (Find It @ Harvard)
Labor union files.


Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture: Oliveira Lima Library (1801-1983)
Texts of 2,750 pamphlets on history, politics and literature.

United States and Brazil: Expanding Frontiers, Comparing Cultures
Explores the history of Brazil, interactions between Brazil and the United States from the eighteenth century to the present, and the parallels and contrasts between Brazilian and American culture and history. The project is a collaboration between the Library of Congress and the National Library of Brazil.

Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice, 1490-2007
Primary source documents related to slavery.

Brazil's popular groups, 1966-1986 (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

  • Description (A collection of materials issued by socio-political, religious, labor and minority grassroots organizations)
  • Several supplements follow: search Brazil's popular groups, 1966-1986 in HOLLIS.
  • Online guides

Oliveira Lima Library offers 2,750 Brazilian and Portuguese pamphlets published from 1801-1983, on history, politics and literature.

Partido dos Trabalhadores historical archives (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.
PT national periodicals and single-issued publications and clipping collection, besides other items such as the party first book of acts.


Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice, 1490-2007
Primary source documents related to slavery.

Havana Slade Trade Commission
Contains over 750 documents from the Havana Slave Trade Commission between 1824 and 1841.

Deed books 1728-1912 (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.
Deed record books (copies of agreements, appraisements, bills of sale, covenants, deeds of gift, manumissions, leases and releases, powers of attorney, sales of slaves, wills).

Letters and papers from Curaçao and St. Eustatius addressed to its Kamer Amsterdam.


Chilean Protest Murals (Harvard College Library)


Archives of Christian churches and organizations in Cuba online

Castro Speech Data Base (1959-1996)
Full-text translations of speeches, interviews, and press conferences. 

Cuban Heritage Collection- University of Miami
Manuscripts, photographs, letters, maps and other resources.

Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations, 1959-Present
Digitized primary documents from the Casa de la Américas in Havana; includes articles, newspaper clippings, interviews, and and other ephemeral material, including programs of events at the Casa, which focused on well-known intellectuals and artists.

This collection of unique and difficult-to-acquire materials lends itself to a study of Cuban women in politics, Cuban feminism, Cuban women's literature and the legal status of women from 1898 through 1958 (a.k.a. the Stoner Collection).

The Cuban missile crisis, 1962 (Find It @ Harvard) In print. Also on microfilm.

Reproduces photocopies of declassified documents, such as memoranda, letters, telegrams, diary entries, intelligence and military reports, transcripts and minutes of meetings, and speeches from presidential librares and government archives, collected by Thomas G. Paterson during his 25 years of research and writing on U.S.-Cuba relations during the Cold War period.
Dominican Republic



Slave Revolt in Jamaica, 1760-1761: A Cartographic Narrative


El Virreinato de Nueva España y Perú durante los siglos XVI y XVII.  Correspondencia virreinal de la Audiencia de Nueva España, años 1536-1673. (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

El Virreinato de Nueva España y Perú durante los siglos XVI y XVII.  Registros Nueva España, 1529-1714. (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

El Virreinato de Nueva España y Perú durante los siglos XVI y XVII.  Residencias, Virreinato de Nueva España, 1543-1547. (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.


El Virreinato de Nueva España y Perú durante los siglos XVI y XVII.  Registros, Perú. (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

El Virreinato de Nueva España y Perú durante los siglos XVI y XVII.  Correspondencia de los Virreyes, años 1552-1657 (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

Tribunal de Lima.  Relaciones de causas de fé, años 1570-1696. (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

Puerto Rico
Contains newspapers, newsletters, pamphlets, and political writings of Juan Antonion Carretjer.
United States

Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection (1600-1960)

  • Focus on Hispanic culture in United States
  • Contains advertisements; broadsides, editorials, essays, letters, monographs, newspapers, pamphlets, periodicals, poetry, reviews, short stories, and other materials
  • Documents Hispanic literature, political commentary and culture.
  • Texts are written in Spanish (80%) and English (20%), and are indexed and searchable in both languages.


Mapas y planos de Venezuela, ca. 1500-ca. 1799. (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.

Venezuelan History Pamphlet Collection, 1811-1946 (Find It @ Harvard) On microfilm.