Afro-Latin American

Searching in HOLLIS

Searching for books on a particular subject is facilitated by a system of standardized Subject terms.  For each topic recognized by the Library of Congress, a Subject term is assigned which occurs on all books about that topic. Thus, books with “slave revolts”, slave rebellions” or “slave uprisings” in their titles will all be retrieved by a search on the Subject term: Slave insurrections. Thus, finding out the subject term for a particular topic should help you conduct a more comprehensive search for that topic.

In order to find out what the relevant subject term for a topic is, enter likely keywords into the HOLLIS search. Open the records for items that appear to be on your topic and find out what subject terms are listed in their records. . For example, searching "Afro Latin" yields

Afro-Latin America : Black Lives, 1600-2000, by George Reid Andrews. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2016, 123 pages
Black people -- Latin America
Black people -- Race identity -- Latin America
Racism -- Latin America
Racially mixed people -- Latin America
Latin America -- Race relations

From this record, we find that the subject term for Afro-Latin Americans is “Black people – Latin America”. The other subject terms in the record are also useful to note, as searches for these terms may bring up items related to Afro-Latin Americans as well.

Under Refine my results: Subject on the right of the results list there are more main terms (Africans) to try, but not the terms after the dashes ( -- Race identity) which are called subdivisions.  NOTE: If you hit one of the terms in this Subject list, HOLLIS will find records with the term, say  Africans, only on records in the set originally formed by searching "Afro Latin".

A complete search for Afro-Latin Americans would be of the form:

Subject contains: "Black people" OR Africans OR "Racially mixed people"
"South America" OR "Central America" OR "Latin America" OR Caribbean OR "West Indies" OR Mexico OR Peru OR Cuba OR …
  [Remove unneeded regions and add countries according to your interest]

Redo your search using the terms that HOLLIS uses.    Also, go to Starts with.../Browse (top black band) and put in Black people -- Latin America, adjusting to Browse by Subject.  This is very useful in breaking down a large subject and in giving you more subdivisions, which can be applied to other Subject terms, to search. 

Whenever you have a reference to a useful book, look it up in HOLLIS and see what the Subject terms are.

Background and Context

Routledge handbook of Afro-Latin American studies, edited by Bernd Reiter and John Antón Sánchez. New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2023.  1 online resource ( xxxix, 640 pages)

Dictionary of Afro-Latin American civilization, by Benjamín Núñez. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1980, 525 p.
 Latin America -- Civilization -- African influences -- Dictionaries
Caribbean Area -- Civilization -- African influences -- Dictionaries
Internet Archive Full Text

Afro-Latin American studies : an introduction, edited by Alejandro de la Fuente, George Reid Andrews. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018. 1 online resource (xx, 641 pages) : digital, PDF file(s).

Encyclopedia of diasporas : immigrant and refugee cultures around the world


Race Relations Abstracts, 1975- .

Sometimes you can find a bibliography, a publication that lists other publications, on your subject. Search in HOLLIS with the word Bibliography as a Subject keyword search (It needs to be Subject keyword, NOT Keywords anywhere) :  Race AND "Latin America" AND bibliography.  You can use Keywords anywhere for your other keywords in Advanced search.  Browsing a bibliography offers a different experience from database searching with keywords.

For example, "Black people" Mexico; and bibliography.

Oxford Bibliographies. Latin American Studies offers numerous annotated bibliographies of secondary sources. These include:

Black Latin America: a bibliography. Los Angeles: Latin American Studies Center, California State University, 1977, 73 p.

Afro-American folk culture: an annotated bibliography of materials from North, Central, and South America, and the West Indies, by John F. Szwed et al. Philadelphia : Institute for the Study of Human Issues, 1978. 2 v.
--pt. 1. North America.--pt. 2. The West Indies, Central, and South America.

A bibliography of the Negro in Africa and America, by Monroe N. Work. Mansfield Centre, CT: Martino Fine Books, 1998, 698 p.
HOLLIS Records

Indígenas y negros en Colombia: bibliografía monográfica, by J. Noé Herrera. Bogotá, DC: Libros de Colombia, 2003, 404 leaves.

História da escravidão e da liberdade no Brasil meridional: guia bibliográfico, by Regina Célia Lima Xavier et al. Porto Alegre, RS: UFRGS Editora, 2007, 391 p.

Race and ethnic relations in Latin America and the Caribbean : an historical dictionary and bibliography, by Robert M. Levine.  Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1980, 252 p.

Document Collections

To find document collections in HOLLIS Advanced Search, search Subject : (Slavery Brazil) AND (sources OR diaries OR narratives OR correspondence).

African Diaspora, 1860-Present offers personal papers, organizational papers, journals, newsletters, court documents, letters, and ephemera, etc. from African diasporic communities largely in the Caribbean, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, and France.

Slave Societies Digital Archive includes digitized ecclesiastical and secular documents related to African-descended peoples in Brazil, Colombia and Cuba. Largely Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries.

Regulación de la esclavitud negra en las colonias de América Española (1503-1886): documentos para su estudio / Manuel Lucena Salmoral. Alcalá de Henares, Madrid: Universidad de Alcalá; Murcia: Universidad de Murcia, 2005, 440 p. + 1 CD-ROM

Escravos e senhores de Bragança: documentos históricos do século XIX: região Bragantina, Pará, ed. by Edna Castro et al. Belém, Pará: Núcleo de Altos Estudos Amazônicos, 2006, 226 p.
Slavery -- Brazil -- Bragança (Pará) -- History -- 19th century -- Sources
Black people -- Brazil -- Bragança (Pará) -- History -- 19th century -- Sources
Bragança (Pará, Brazil) -- History -- 19th century -- Sources

Textos de negros e sobre negros, ed. by Emanoel Araújo. São Paulo: Impr. Oficial : Museu Afrobrasil : Governo do Estado de São Paulo, 2011, 244 p.
Black people -- Brazil -- History -- Sources
Black people -- Brazil -- Literary collections
Black people -- Brazil -- Social life and customs
Brazilian literature -- Black authors


For general Latin American biography.

Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography. NY : Oxford University Press,  2016, 6 v.
Online Versio

Quem é quem na negritude brasileira. [São Paulo : Congresso Nacional Afro-Brasileiro; Brasilia: Secretaria Nacional de Dereitos Humanos do Ministerio da Justica, 1998- . 
--Alphabetical by first name.  Indexes by state and profession. List of included women. Terminal bibliography. 1st ed.