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[History 1900/HLS 2010] Feminisms and Pornography

Research Tips

All Schlesinger Library materials are cataloged in HOLLIS so searching the catalog is a good place to start. Note that by using the advanced search you can easily limit your searches to the Schlesinger Library and to the format you want (i.e., books; archives/manuscripts; journals; etc.).

To increase search results, seek out synonyms for the keyword or subject you used. For instance, pornography might also be described as:

  •     adult entertainment
  •     adult film
  •     adult material
  •     erotic
  •     erotica
  •     indecent
  •     obscene
  •     sexploitation
  •     sexually explicit
  •     smut
  •     x-rated

If you have questions about how to find materials/need guidance on search strategies, please visit during our Open Office Hours or contact us for an appointment so that we may talk in more detail about your research.