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[History 1900/HLS 2010] Feminisms and Pornography

Getting Started

This guide is intended to provide information that will be useful as you explore the collections at the Schlesinger Library. Also included are some details to be aware of before visiting the Library.

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions. Research Librarians are available for consultations and research assistance for this course. Alternately, special instructions for submitting questions and requests through the Library's Ask a Schlesinger Librarian web form are included.

The Basics

The Schlesinger Library is open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 to 5:00, with the Reading Room closing at 4:45. Any closures will be listed on our Visit the Library page.

Visiting the Library

Researching at an archives or special collections library may be different from your past library experiences. For instance, there are certain personal belongings that cannot be brought into the research space. We provide lockers for secure storage which you can use when you register on the first floor.

Items that must be left in the lockers include:

  • coats
  • bags/backpacks/purses
  • food/drink/gum/candy
  • pens/markers/highlighters
  • laptop cases
  • books, notebooks, and loose paper, etc.

The Library provides paper and pencils for taking notes and laptops, tablets, cameras, and phones are permitted. A full list of what can be brought up to the research space is made available to you during the registration process. If you have questions about whether a certain item can be brought into the Reading Room, please just ask!

Using the Collections

When you are in the Reading Room, we'll ask you to handle the materials carefully and to keep the documents in their original order. By doing this you will be a partner in the Library's efforts to be sure these materials continue to be available to future researchers.

Document cameras (Hovercams) are available at the tables in the Reading Room. These are essentially small-scale overhead scanners which are provided so you can image the materials if you don't have your phone or a camera. More information about the Hovercams can be found in the Hovercam guide.

If any questions come up during your visit, please do not hesitate to ask us - we're here to help!