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[History 1900/HLS 2010] Feminisms and Pornography

Archival Collections

Locations & Availability Tab

When you are searching for collections that are not included on the course Research Guide, note that the HOLLIS catalog record's Locations & Availability tab provides:

  • restriction information (e.g., condition of use form, closures, written permission requirements) and
  • location information (i.e., whether the collection is stored onsite or offsite).

Finding Aids

What is a finding aid? The Society of American Archivists defines it as:

n. ~ 1. A tool that facilitates discovery of information within a collection of records. - 2. A description of records that gives the repository physical and intellectual control over the materials and that assists users to gain access to and understand the materials.

Finding aids may also be referred to as finding guides, inventories, or container lists.

Be aware that not all manuscript collections have finding aids. If you find that a collection does not have a finding aid, we can help. Please ask us at the Reference Desk or submit an online query

For collections with finding aids, you will use that document (linked in the catalog record) to identify specific folders and containers you wish to access.


Condition of Use forms will be provided to you as necessary before accessing the material. There is nothing you need to do ahead of time regarding this requirement.

Should you wish to access collections requiring written permission we will assist you with that process. This involves contacting an individual or organization outside of the Library and the time to obtain the permission varies due to a variety of factors. Please ask Sarah or Jennifer in person or submit your query through the Ask a Schlesinger Librarian webform.

Making Your Request

Requests for materials may be made in person by call slip and remotely using the Library's webform. If you use the webform, please use the following formatting in the "Enter your question here" field to indicate the type of assistance you are requesting:

  • F&P-[Your Lastname] – Materials request
  • F&P-[Your Lastname] – Archive Report
  • F&P-[Your Lastname] – Filming

Whichever method you use, we will need the following information:

  • collection name [Mary Steichen Calderone]
  • call number [179]
  • and the box numbers you would like to view. [Carton 1, 2]

Storage Location: Onsite/Offsite

Onsite collections may be requested whenever you visit.

Retrieval time for offsite material is overnight on most business days when requests are received before 3:00pm. Please note that materials requested on a Friday arrive on Monday, and Saturday requests arrive on Tuesday.

!!!Holding Materials/Identifying Materials for Assignments!!!

Please see the procedures for Archive Reports and Filmed Presentations when you have identified specific documents you would like to use for the assignments.