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[History 1900/HLS 2010] Feminisms and Pornography

Archive Reports: Identifying/Flagging Documents

As you review the collections you have been assigned for your Archive Reports, please use the flags we provide to identify the items you wish to have available for your presentation. To ensure the correct items are available on the day of your presentation, please note the following steps:

  1. On the top of the flag, write:
    • your last name;
    • the description of the item.
  2. Place the flag in front of the item, making sure the flag is visible when the folder is returned to the box.
  3. Ask at the Reading Room or Reference desks for orange "Archive Report Hold Cards." After writing your name and the date of your presentation on it, the card should be put into the clear plastic pocket on the side of the box containing your chosen document. Be sure to point this out to the staff in the Reading Room or at the Reference Desk.
  4. Finally, please notify us using the Library's webform that you have identified the document(s) you wish to have available for your Archive Report. Please use the following formatting in the "Enter your question here" field:
      F&P-[Your Lastname] – Archive Report
  5. In the message, be sure to include the following information:
    • Collection name;
    • Call #;
    • Box #;
    • Folder #;
    • Document description

!!!All final document selections are due at noon the Friday before your presentation.!!!