Occasional music

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Deutsche Tänze. [Deutsche Tänze, KV 509. Faksimile nach der im Besitz der Deutschen Staatsbibliothek in Berlin befindlichen Urschrift.] Edited by Wilhelm Virneisel. Leipzig: C. F. Peters, [s.a.].
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.239.25 BMEO.

12 oblong leaves. Ref.: Köchel, 6th ed., 569. On page 12 Mozart in an "Anmerkung" writes out instructions for performance of these "6 Tedeschi".

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Divertimenti, K. 247, F major. [Grand sextuor: pour deux violons, deux cors, alt & basse composés par W. A. Mozart.] Parts. Augsburg : Gombart et Comp, [1799].
Houghton Library b *93B-436 Haverlin Collection.

K. 247. First edition. Title from Violino primo. "No. II". Ref.: Haberkamp, vol. 1, p. 108; Hirsch IV, 14; RISM A/I, M 5920.

Merritt Room Mus 745.1.218.5 BMEO.

K. 247. FIRST EDITION. Engraved throughout. All six parts unbound and uncut. Lending Library label on title. Excellent condition. Prix F.[blank]. No. "2" written in. VN 217, PN:252. Ref.: Haberkamp, 108; Hirsch IV, 14; RISM M 5920. The autograph of this Divertimento (composed in 1776) has been missing from the Prussian State Library, Berlin, since the end of World War II. Includes two inserted slips containing information on this edition. Inscription in pen: G. Gerland, M. 1. 21; in pencil (different hand): Compon. 1776 fun Salzburg. Kochel 247.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Divertimenti, K. 563, E-Flat Major. [Gran Trio per Violino, Viola, E Basso Composto dal Sigr. W. A. Mozart. Opera 19.] Vienna, Magonza: Artaria, [1792].
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.230.11 BMEO.

Divertimento (Gran Trio), K. 563. FIRST EDITION. Parts. Title in beautifully engraved ornamental frame decorated with flowers. Fine condition. Previous owner: Luisa Sormani Busca Arconati Visconti. Interesting bookplate, explained elsewhere (see K. 493 first edition in BMEO). f.2. PN:368. Ref.: Haberkamp, 317/18; Hirsch IV, 150; RISM M 6248. This Divertimento for string trio, composed 1788, is one of Mozart's greatest chamber music works. He wrote it for his friend and fellow mason Michael Puchberg and performed it (playing viola) with Anton Teyber (violin) and Anton Kraft (cello) at Dresden on 13 April 1789 in a private concert. Since the autograph of K. 563 is lost, the first edition has become the main source used by the editors of the NMA. Includes inserted typewritten note containing bibliographic information.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Divertimenti, K. 563, E-flat major. [Grand trio pour violon, viola et basse, oeuvre 19, composé par Mr. Mozart.] Offenbach sur le Mein: Chez J. André, [1792]. Parts.
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.230.4.

Divertimento in E-flat major, K. 563. J. André, no. 473. Ref.: RISM A/I, M 6251.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Divertimenti, K. 563, E-flat major. [Divertissement pour violon, alto, et violoncelle, oeuvre 19.] Offenbach s/M.: J. André, [181-?].
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.230.5.

Divertimento, K. 563, E-flat major. 3 parts. André no. 3893. Ref.: RISM, A/I M 6252.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Divertimenti. Selections. [Cinq divertissemens pour deux hautbois, deux cors et deux bassons, oeuvre 90 par W.A. Mozart.] Parts. Offenbach am Main: J. André, [ca. 1800].
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.228.25.

Contains K. 213, 240, 252 (240a), 253 and 270. For 2 oboes, 2 horns and 2 bassoons. "Edition d'après l'original de l'auteur." Haberkamp's second issue. Ref.: RISM AI, M 5885.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Instrumental music. Selections. [Dix cahiers manuscrits, données à la Bibliothèque de l'Institut de France par M. B. Zaharoff.] 10 vols. [Paris, 192-?].
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.48.

Facsimile score (10 vols. in portfolio). Contents: Marches, K. 189c (237), K. 213b (215), K. 214, K. 248, K. 249; Serenade, K. 239: March & minuet; Divertimento, K. 240b (188): 1st and 4th movements; Kontretänze, K. 250a (101).

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. [Sérénade pour deux violons, alto, violoncelle (et contrebasse,) composée par W.A. Mozart.] Parts. Offenbach am Main: J. André, [1827].
Houghton Library b *93B-442 Haverlin Collection.

For 2 violins, viola, violoncello, and double bass. Publication date derived from O.E. Deutsch, Music publishers' numbers. First edition in part form. Cf. L. Köchel, Chronologisch-thematisches Verzeichnis sämtlicher Tonwerke Wolfgang Amadé Mozarts (6. Aufl),p. 588-589. "No. 2 der nachgelassenen Werke; Édition faite d'après la partition originale." Engraved throughout. Library has 4 parts. Each part disbound; laid in blue paper wrappers. Ref.: RISM A/I, M 5657.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Eine kleine Nachtmusik. [Eine kleine Nachtmusik, 1787. Faksimile der Original-Handschrift herausgegeben von Manfred Gorke.] Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1955.
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.200 BMEO.

Ref.: Köchel, 6th ed., 589. Includes inserted clipped book review, "A Mozart Score," Times Literary Supplement, 2 December 1955.

Isham Library Mus 745.1.200.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Maurerische Trauermusick. [Maurerische Trauermusick für 2 Violinen, 2 Bratschen, 1 Clarinette, 2 Oboen, 3 Bassethörner, 2 Hörner, 1 Contra-Fagott und Bass: geschrieben in Wien im Monat July 1786: 114tes Werk.]. Offenbach: J. André, [1805].
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.270.5.

"First version of first edition"--Katzbichler.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Musikalischer Spass. [Musikalischer Spass für zwei Violinen, Bratsche, zwei Hörner und Bass, geschrieben in Wien, den 14ten Juny 1787. 93tes Werk von W. A. Mozart. Neue Aufl.] Offenbach a/M.: André, [18--].
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.236.

Musikalischer Spass, K. 522. 6 parts. André, no. 1508. Ref.: RISM A/I, M 5928.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Musikalischer Spass. [Raillerie musicale: pour deux violons, alto, 2 cors & basse: oeuvre 93 par W. A. Mozart.] Parts. Charenton pres Paris: Vernay . . . . [18--].
Houghton Library b *Mus.M8771M.1899.

Cover title. "Cette satyre, dirgée en premier lieu contre les étudians de Prague, n'en est pas moins applicable à tout mauvais compositeur & musicien." Lithograph illustration on title page. Ref.: Köchel, 522. Library has violino primo part only. Shelved in music box.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Serenades, K. 250, D major. Selections. [Sinfonie. No. 8 W.A. Mozart.] Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, [ca. 1838].
Houghton Library *93B-452 Haverlin Collection.

Miniature score. 72 pages. Contains only the first and last four movements. Caption title. Publication date derived from O.E. Deutsch, Music publishers' numbers. Lithographed title page, engraved music. Added title page title: Symphonien von W.A. Mozart. Bound in half blue morocco and cloth sides.

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Serenades, K. 361, B-Flat Major. [Gran Partita, K. 361. A Facsimile of the Holograph in the Whittall Foundation Collection.] Washington, DC: The Library of Congress, 1976.
Merritt Room Mus 745.1.201.4 BMEO.

Einstein's introduction was written in 1946. A review of this facsimile edition may be found in Notes 34 (1977), 352-54, a photocopy of which is inserted in this volume. See also Daniel N. Leeson and David Whitwell, "Concerning Mozart's Serenade in B-flat for Thirteen Instruments, K. 361 (370a)," Mozart-Jahrbuch 1976/77, 97-130.

Isham Library Mus 745.1.201.4.