Finding Where Specified Subjects Are Indexed

Selected sources for lists of periodical indexes by subject include:

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory is available online. For earlier editions consult the print version (title varies): called Periodicals directory (1932-38), Ulrich’s periodicals directory (1943-63), Ulrich’s international periodicals directory (1965-2000), Ulrich's periodicals directory (2001- ). Use these titles to find the years you need in HOLLIS Catalog, then request from the Harvard Depository.

Ulrich's lists periodicals by subject (indexed by title), and often indicates where indexing is available.

Bibliographies of Periodical Literature, pp. 261-288 in 1932 volume of Periodicals Directory (NY: R. R. Bowker, 1932-38) offers a list of, largely, early 20th century periodical indexes and bibliographies of periodical articles by subject.
HOLLIS Record.

The abstract journal, 1790-1920: origin, development, and diffusion, by Bruce M. Manzer. Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1977, 312 p.
LOCATION: Widener | WID-LC | Z695.9 .M35

Abstracts and Indexes in Science and Technology: A Descriptive Guide, by D. B. Owen. 2nd ed. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 1985, 235 pp.
Location: Museum Comp Zoology | Ref. | Z7403 .O95 1985
Location: Museum Comp Zoology | Ref. | Z7403 .O95 (1st ed.)
Location: Wolbach Library | Z7403 .O95 (1st ed.)

Early periodical indexes: bibliographies and indexes of literature published in periodicals before 1900, by Robert Balay. Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2000, 317 p.
LOCATION: Andover-Harv. Theol | Ref. | Z6941 .B35 2000
LOCATION: Lamont | REF.ROOM | PN4801.Z99 B35 2000x
LOCATION: Widener | RR 651.62

Index bibliographicus is a directory of current periodical abstracts and bibliographies:

  • 4th ed., 1959.
    • LOCATION: Countway Medicine | Z 1002 I5
    • LOCATION: Widener | Harvard Depository | Z1002 .I38x 195
  • 3d ed., 1952.
    • LOCATION: McKay Applied Sci: INDEXES T1 9 Library has: v.1
    • LOCATION: Widener: B 6.72.3 Library has: 2 v. in 1
  • 2nd. ed., 1931.
    • LOCATION: Widener: B 6.72.2
  • 1st ed., 1925.
    • LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository B 6.72

"Periodical bibliographies and abstracts for the scientific and technological journals of the world", by R. Cobb. Bulletin of the National Research Council. no. 3 (v. 1, pt. 3), pp. 131-154 (1920). [Arranged by subject]
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Location: Botany Arnold (Cambr.) Bibl C63.1 [35072]
Location: Tozzer L.SOC. (3)
Location: Widener Harvard Depository S 5.47
Location: Widener LSoc 4681.185 vol.1