Periodicals Reference and Bibliography

Information on American periodical directories, some with subject indexing, is available in the Guide to Newspapers and Newspaper Indexes. See especially Ayer's for US and Willing's for worldwide. Circulation figures and sometimes political orientation available.

United States Specialty Newspaper Finding Aids (National Institute) includes periodicals other than newspapers.


A history of American magazines, by Frank Luther Mott. Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1938-1968, 5 v.
Location : Harvard University Archives Harvard Depository HU 137.644
Location : Lamont REFERENCE PN4877 .M63 1938
Location : Widener RR 655.22
Location : Widener AL 299.30.12
--V. 1. 1741-1850 -- v. 2. 1850-1865 -- v. 3. 1865-1885 -- v. 4. 1885-1905 -- v. 5. Sketches of 21 magazines, 1905-1930, with a cumulative index to the five volumes.

Magazines for libraries, 1969- .
Gutman Education | Ref. | Z6941 .M33 Latest edition only
Kennedy Sch of Gov | Ref | PN4699 .M42 Library has: Latest only
Lamont | REFERENCE | Z6941 .M23 Latest edition only
Widener | RR 651.77.2 Latest
Widener | Harvard Depository | PN4832.Z99 K37x Earlier

Chapters list major magazines on numerous topics. The political orientation of several general interest magazines is specified in the News and Opinion section.

The Waterloo directory of English newspapers and periodicals, 1800-1900, ed. by John S. North and Brent Nelson,.Series 2 in 20 volumes. Waterloo, Ont. : North Waterloo Academic Press, 2003. 20 v. in 19
By title. Issuing body, places, people, and subject indexes.  Many entries annotated.

Alternative, Underground

Alternative publications: a guide to directories, indexes, bibliographies, and other sources, ed. by Cathy Seitz Whitaker. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 1990, 90 p.

Field guide to alternative media: a directory to reference and selection tools useful in accessing small and alternative press publications and independently produced media, by Patricia J. Case. Chicago, Ill.: Task Force on Alternatives in Print, Social Responsibilities Round Table, American Library Association, 1984, 44 p.
--Includes lists of subject and trade directories and of indices and subject bibliographies.

Voices from the underground, ed. by Ken Wachsberger. Tempe, Ariz.: Mica Press, 1993, 2 v.
--v. 1. Insider histories of the Vietnam era underground press -- v. 2. A directory of sources and resources on the Vietnam era underground press
--Subject: Underground press publications -- United States -- Directories

Undergrounds; a union list of alternative periodicals in libraries of the United States and Canada, by James Philip Danky. Madison, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1974.
LOCATION: Andover-Harvard Theol: Ref. Z6944.U5 D3
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository
--Alphabetical list with geographic index.  Location and available indexing given.

Business, Trade, Professional

Trade, industrial, and professional periodicals of the United States, ed. by Kathleen L. Endres. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994, 467 p.
Baker Business | Stacks -- LC Books | HF5351 .T73 1994
Widener | WID-LC | HF5351.Z99 T73 1994x

Corporate magazines of the United States, ed. by Sam G. Riley. NY: Greenwood Press, 1992, 281 p.
Baker Business | Stacks -- LC Books | PN4888.E6 C67 1992
Widener | RR 655.37

Business journals of the United States, ed. by William Fisher. NY: Greenwood Press, 1991, 318 p.
Baker Business | Stacks -- LC Books | Z7164.C81 B978 1991
Widener | WID-LC | HF5001.Z99 B86 1991x


The Ethnic press in the United States : a historical analysis and handbook, ed. by Sally M. Miller. New York : Greenwood Press, 1987, 437 p HOLLIS Record
Internet Archive Full Text
--Articles on particular ethnic groups with references

Ethnic serials at selected University of California libraries: a union list. 1977.
LOCATION: Harvard-Yenching: (W) E184.A1 Z993 x
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC E184.A1 Z993 x
--Sections on Chicano, Asian-American, Afro-American, American Indian Studies. Title, geographic, subject index. Mixed primary and secondary.

Immigration History Research Center (University of Minnesota). IHRC Periodicals. Browse the IHRC collections of periodicals by ethnic group.
--Divided into sections by ethnic groups. Within each section newspapers and serials are separated.

Encyclopedic directory of ethnic newspapers and periodicals in the United States. 2d ed.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PN4882.Z99 W96 1976x
--Directory information for circa. 1976. Gives dates of inception.

The ethnic press in the United States: lists of foreign language, nationality and ethnic newspapers and periodicals in the U.S. 1974.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC PN4884.Z99 A43 x, 1974

Ethnic periodicals in contemporary America: an annotated guide, by Sandra L. Jones Ireland. NY: Greenwood Press, 1990, 222 p.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PN4882.Z99 I74 1990x

The immigrant labor press in North America, 1840s-1970s: an annotated bibliography.
LOCATION: Widener: PN4884.Z99 H64 x, 1987
--Divided into sections by ethnic group, each section with title and place indexes.

German-American newspapers and periodicals, 1732-1955: history and bibliography, by Karl J.R. Arndt and May E. Olson. 2d ed. NY: Johnson Reprint Corp., 1965, 810 p.
Widener | AL 305.5.2

The German language press of the Americas, 1732-1968: history and bibliography. Volume 2: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, USA (Addenda), Uruguay, Venezuela, by Karl John Richard Arndt. Pullach/Munchen: Verlag Dokumentation, 1973.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC PN4885.G3 Z9924x 1973


African-American newspapers and periodicals: a national bibliography, ed. by James P. Danky and Maureen E. Hady. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1998, 740 p.
Andover-Harv. Theol  |  Ref.    |  PN4882.5.Z99 A347 1998 
Lamont  |  REFERENCE    |  PN4882.5.Z99 A347 1998x 
Widener  |  Harvard Depository    |  PN4882.5.Z99 A347 1998 
Widener  |  RR 4781.41.78

The Black press in America; a guide, by Henry G. La Brie.  2d ed. [Coralville, Iowa, Mercer House Press], 1972.
LOCATION: Widener: AL 305.9.25.2

1st ed. (1970)
LOCATION: Widener: AL 305.9.25

Black journals of the United States, by Walter C. Daniel. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1982, 432 p.
Lamont | REFERENCE | PN4882.5 .D36 1982
Schlesinger | Ref. | 051 D184b
Widener | RR 4781.41.37
Widener | WID-LC | PN4882.5 .D36 1982

Check list of Negro newspapers in the United States (1827-1946), by Warren Brown.Jefferson City, Mo. : School of Journalism, Lincoln University, 1946, 37 p.

A reference guide to Afro-American publications and editors, 1827-1946, by V. R. Potter. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1993.


Asian-American periodicals and newspapers : a union list of holdings in the Library of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin and the Libraries of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 1979.
Location : Fung Library Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Harvard Depository E184.O6 Z993 x
Location : Widener WID-LC E184.O6 Z993 x
--List arranged by title with indexes by state and by name (editor, organization).


Hispanic periodicals in the United States, origins to 1960: a brief history and comprehensive bibliography, by Nicólas Kanellos and Helvetia Martell. Houston, TX : Arte Publico Press, 2000, 359 p.
Online Version
Widener  |  RR655.157.7

Native American

American Indian and Alaska native newspapers and periodicals, by Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr., and James W. Parins. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1984-1986, 3 v.
Location : Tozzer Harvard Depository TOZ-LC E75 .L5
Location : Widener RR4781.31.5
V. 1: 1826-1924 – v. 2:1925-1970 – v. 3: 1971-1985
--Indexed by chronology and location. Vol. 1 by tribal affiliation or emphasis. Substantial descriptions of each title.

Native American periodicals and newspapers, 1828-1982: bibliography, publishing record, and holdings. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1984.
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF E 77.Z99 D3 1984
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC E77.Z99 D36 x, 1984
--Indexed by subject, editor, publisher, location, catchword/subtitle, chronology by decade. Substantial descriptions of each title.


Tamiment Library Research & Tools (bottom of page) offers links to bibliographies of labor periodicals.

The immigrant labor press in North America, 1840s-1970s: an annotated bibliography
LOCATION: Widener: PN4884.Z99 H64 x, 1987
--Divided into sections by ethnic group, each section with title and place indexes.


American literary magazines: the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, ed. by Edward E. Chielens. NY: Greenwood Press, 1986, 503 p.
Child Memorial | Ch M 2700
Widener | RR 655.23.5

American literary magazines: the twentieth century, ed. by Edward E. Chielens. NY: Greenwood Press, 1992, 474 p.
Widener | RR 655.23

British literary magazines, ed. by Alvin Sullivan. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1983-1986. 4 v.
Widener | RR 655.327

Mystery, detective, and espionage magazines, by Michael L. Cook. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1983, 795 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN3448.D4 C56 1983

Pulp magazine holdings directory : library collections in North America and Europe, by Jess Nevins. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., 2007, 235 p.

Science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction magazines, ed. by Marshall B. Tymn and Mike Ashley. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1985, 970 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN3433 .T9 1985


Film, television, and video periodicals: a comprehensive annotated list, by Katharine Loughney. NY: Garland Pub., 1991, 431 p.

International film, radio, and television journals, ed. by Anthony Slide. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1985, 428 p.
Theatre Collection | TS 570. 1.1
Widener | WID-LC | PN1993.Z99 I56 x, 1985


Military periodicals: United States and selected international journals and newspapers, ed. by Michael E. Unsworth. NY: Greenwood Press, 1990, 404 p.
Widener | WID-LC | U104.Z99 U57 1990x

Ranks and columns: armed forces newspapers in American wars, by Alfred Emile Cornebise. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1993, 218 p.


International music journals, ed. by Linda M. Fidler and Richard S. James. NY: Greenwood Press, 1990, 544 p.
Loeb Music | Aldrich Room | ML128p.24 I6 1990

Musical information in a new land: Immigrant music journals in the United States Part One: 1838–1930, by Benjamin Knysak. Music Library Association, Notes, Dec 2017, Vol.74(2), pp.185-220.
Online version  
--A subsequent article will cover 1931-2000.


The conservative press in eighteenth-and nineteenth-century America, ed. by Ronald Lora and William Henry Longton. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999, 401 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN4888.C598 C66 1999

The conservative press in twentieth-century America, ed. by Ronald Lora and William Henry Longton. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999, 729 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN4888.C598 C664 1999

The people’s voice : an annotated bibliography of American presidential campaign newspapers, 1828-1984, by William Miles. New York : Greenwood Press, 1987, xlix, 210 p


American mass-market magazines, ed. by Alan Nourie and Barbara Nourie. NY: Greenwood Press, 1990, 611 p.
Widener | RR655.25

Consumer magazines of the British Isles, ed. by Sam G. Riley. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993, 300 p.
Widener | RR655.316.5

The popular magazine in Britain and the United States, 1880-1960, by David Reed. London : British Library, 1997, 287 p.
--Appendix offers a statistical breakdown of article topics at 10-year intervals (depending on the magazine) for 38 magazines.


Index to city and regional magazines of the United States, by Sam G. Riley and Gary W. Selnow. NY: Greenwood Press, 1989, 130 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN4877.Z99 R55 1989x
Brief data (title, date span, city of publication, type (see p. 5-6), frequency, library holdings) on magazines in existence 1950-1988
--Title (main list),  chronological list, geographical list, selected list by title only (1743-1949).

Index to Southern periodicals, by Sam G. Riley. NY: Greenwood Press, 1986. 459 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN4893.Z99 R54 x, 1986

Magazines of the American South, by Sam G. Riley. NY: Greenwood Press, 1986, 346 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN4893 .R54 1986

Regional interest magazines of the United States, ed. by Sam G. Riley and Gary W. Selnow. NY: Greenwood Press, 1991, 418 p.
Widener | RR655.25.7
Internet Archive Full Text
Offers profiles (2-8 pp.) of a subset of the magazines listed in Index to city and regional magazines of the United States (above) plus a few additional titles, arranged by title. Appendices: Chronological list by year founded (1868-1988); Geographical list by state.


History and annotated bibliography of American religious periodicals and newspapers established from 1730 through 1830, by Gaylord P. Albaugh. Worcester: American Antiquarian Society, 1994. 2 v.
Andover-Harv. Theol | Ref. | PN4888.R4 A43 1994
Widener | WID-LC | PN4888.R4 A43 1994
--With microfilm and library holdings, chronological and geographic lists and list by area of major religious interest.

Popular religious magazines of the United States, ed. by P. Mark Fackler and Charles H. Lippy. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1995, 595 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN4888.R4 P67 1995x

Religious periodicals of the United States: academic and scholarly journals, ed. by Charles H. Lippy. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1986, 607 p.
Andover-Harv. Theol | Ref. | PN4888.R4 L5 1986


Sources on the history of women's magazines, 1792-1960: an annotated bibliography, by Mary Ellen Zuckerman. NY: Greenwood Press, 1991, 297 p.
Widener | RR 4761.11.4
Widener | RR 681.41
Schlesinger | Ref. | 016.05 Z94s

Women's magazines, 1693-1968, by  Cynthia Leslie White. London, Joseph, 1970, 348 pp.
LOCATION: Widener: 10467.88

Women's periodicals and newspapers from the 18th century to 1981: a union list of the holdings of Madison, Wisconsin, libraries, by Maureen E. Hady et al. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1982, 376 p.
Andover-Harv. Theol | Ref. | Z7965 .H3 1982
Schlesinger | Ref. | 050 D18w
Widener | RR4761.11.20

Women's periodicals in the United States: consumer magazines, ed. by Kathleen L. Endres and Therese L. Lueck. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1995, 509 p.
Schlesinger | Ref. | 051 E56w
Widener | RR 655.25.5

Women's periodicals in the United States: social and political issues, ed. by Kathleen L. Endres and Therese L. Lueck. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996, 529 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN4879 .W614 1996


American humor magazines and comic periodicals, ed. by David E.E. Sloane. NY: Greenwood Press, 1987, 648 p.
Widener | WID-LC | PN4880 .A46 1987 Lost

Children's periodicals of the United States, ed. by R. Gordon Kelly. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1984, 591 p.
Gutman Education | PN4878 .K39 1984