This guide is intended to help Harvard students and faculty find periodical articles in general and popular periodical indexes emanating from North America and Western Europe. The HOLLIS Catalog does not include periodical articles. Articles are found via periodical indexes. Numerous general and popular indexes are available. Choice depends on the dates of coverage and the nature of the periodicals indexed: scholarly or popular. Many of the major indexes are listed in Parts 2-4 of this guide. Selected periodical indexes covering the rest of the world are listed in the following research guides:

Finding Periodical Articles and Book Reviews on Africa
Finding Periodical Articles and Book Reviews on South and Southeast Asia
Research Guides for East Asian Studies
Finding Periodical Articles and Book Reviews on Latin America
Slavic and Eurasian Studies: A Research Guide
Introduction to Slavic Information Resources (Univ. of Illinois)
Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies (REECAS): REECA-Area Article Databases (University of Washington)

Finding Where Specified Subjects Are Indexed
Finding Where a Specified Periodical is Indexed
Circulation Statistics


The HOLLIS Everything database searches the HOLLIS catalog plus a very large collection of online resources.  Numerous collections of e-journals are searched, but are searched independently of the subject-based periodical indexes.  HOLLIS is not a substitute for searching the periodical indexes, which offer special searching features and coverage of paper format articles.  The HOLLIS Everything search is excellent for interdisciplinary searching and finding material in unexpected places.


In HathiTrust Advanced Full Text Search, you can put your search terms (article text or title words) in one search box as a full text search and place the title of a journal of interest in the other. Or in the second box you can put a Library of Congress Subject Term, adjusting the search box menu to Subject rather than Title, and limiting to Format: Journal.