Comintern Archive (Third Communist International), 1917-1940

Filmed at the former central Communist Party archive in Moscow (Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv sotsialnoi i politicheskoi istorii -- RGASPI), this collection consists of records of the Communist International. Series I contains records of congresses, Series II of plenums. Both series include materials of the preparatory and working commissions, stenographic reports of meetings, draft presentations and reports, and data on delegates. Many of the draft documents include marginal comments by major Soviet leaders, including I. V. Stalin.

Comintern Archive: resources

Comintern archive: inventory to the collection

CD-ROM containing an inventory (finding aid) of the entire collection, identifying location of materials from each congress and plenum by microfiche card number. Also includes an introduction to the collection and a searchable index of persons and topics.

Series 1: Comintern archive -- Congresses, 1919-1935

Contains records of the 1st-7th congresses of Comintern held in Moscow 1919-1935.


7475 microfiches


The indexes to the congresses are found on the following fiches:

Fiche 1 : 1st congress--1919

Fiche 30 : 2nd congress--1920

Fiche 240-242 : 3rd congress--1921

Fiche 860-862 : 4th congress--1921-1922

Fiche 1793-1795 : 5th congress--1923-1924

Fiche 2406-2410 : 6th congress--1927-1929

Fiche 4718-4722 : 7th congress--1934-1935

Series 2: Comintern archive -- Plenums.


7084 microfiches

Each plenum section is preceded by index.



Fiches 1-80 -- Plenum I, 1922

Fiches 81-128 -- Plenum II, 1922

Fiches 129-279 -- Plenum III, 1923

Fiches 280-297 -- Plenum IV, 1924

Fiches 298-908 -- Rasshirennyĭ plenum V, 1925

Fiches 909-1686 -- Rasshirennyĭ plenum VI, 1925-1926

Fiches 1687-2862 -- Rasshirennyĭ plenum VII, 1926-1927

Fiches 2863-3153 -- Plenum VIII, 1927

Fiches 3154-3544 -- Plenum IX, 1928

Fiches 3545-4346 -- Plenum X, 1929

Fiches 4347-4961 -- Plenum XI, 1930-1931

Fiches 4962-6245 -- Rasshirennyĭ plenum XII, 1932-1933

Fiches 6246-7084 -- Rasshirennyĭ plenum XIII, 1933-1934

Comintern Archives: files of the Communist Party of Mexico

29 microfilm reels

Contents note: "The original documents have been filmed with the equipment of IDC Publishers at the Russian State Archive of Political and Social History (RGASPI), Moscow."

Files in collection are numbered: Fond 495, Opis' 108, Delo 1-230.