Smolensk Archive

[Records of the All-Union Communist Party, Smolensk District, 1917-41.], ser.2:file116/171:pt.3

[Records of the All-Union Communist Party, Smolensk District, 1917-41.], ser.2:file116/171:pt.3

The Smolensk Archive is part of the archive of Smolensk Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which was captured by the army of Nazi Germany in Smolensk in 1941 during World War II. The archive was then moved to Germany and located by U.S. Army Intelligence units at the end of the war. The archive was held at the U.S. National Archives until 2002, when it was returned to Russia. 

At Harvard the researchers have access to the copies of the archive's documents on microfilm or on paper (photocopies). The index to the archives prepared by Harvard professor Merle Fainsod is also available.

Smolenskii obkom KPSS. Partiinyi Arkhiv : the description

[Records of the All-Union Communist Party, Smolensk District, 1917-41.]  

The archive contains 536 files: series one contains 527 files, which bear the prefix WKP and run from WKP 1 through WKP 527; series two contains seven, and are labeled respectively 116/154e, 116/154f, 116/154g, 116/154h, 116/155, 116/156, and 116/171; series three contains two files and are identified as RS 921 and RS 924.  This is a photoreproduction of the original archive now in the custody of the Military Records Branch, Federal Records Center, Record Group 1056, Region 3, General Services Administration 

Available on microfilm or in paper (photocopy)

    series 1:file 1-series 1:file 76, 
    series 1:file 78-series 1:file 110, 
    series 1:file 112-series 1:file 235, 
    series 1:file 237-series 1:file 275, 
    series 277-series 320, 
    series 1:file 322-series 1:file 473, 
    series 1:file 485-series 1:file 486 
    series 1:file 488-series 1:file 490, 
    series 1:file 492-series 1:file 499, 
    series 1:file 510-series 1:file 517, 
    series 519-series 527 
    series 2:file 116/154:pt.f-series 2:file 116/154:pt.g 
    series 2:file 116/155:pt.1-series 2:file 116/155:pt.2 
    series 2:file 116/156:pt.1-series 2:file 116/156:pt.2, 
    series 2:file 116/171:pt.1-series 2:file 116/171:pt.3 
    series 3:file RS 924:pt.1-series 3:file RS 924:pt.8 
    1924:Accounts of spending 
    annex a 
    annex b 

69 reels
Film A 1054  
Government Documents/Microforms Collection (Lamont Library)

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[The Smolensk archive]; records of the All-Union (Russian) Communist Party, Smolensk District. [A collection of documents primarily from the Smolensk oblast of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1917-1941]
Smolenskiĭ obkom KPSS. Partiĭnyĭ arkhiv.

57 microfilm reels (this film does not include the non-WKP material)
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[The Smolensk archive]; Index / prepared by Merle Fainsod.

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Guide to the records of the Smolensk Oblast of the All-Union Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1917-41 
United States. National Archives and Records Service. / Washington, D.C. : National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, 1980

This guide describes and indexes the Smolensk regional records of the All-Union Communist Party (Vsesoiuznaia Kommunisticheskaia Partiia) of the Soviet Union, covering the period 1917 to 1941 ... The Smolensk Archive reached the United States as war booty, after the records seized in 1941 by German military forces in Russia fell into the hands of the U.S. Army in the course of military operations in Germany in 1945"--Page iii.

​Available at Harvard Library and online