Ukrainian archival materials

The Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (HURI) holds many archival collections that are an important resource for the study of Ukraine during the revolutionary years 1917 to 1921, as well as Ukrainian refugee and émigré life in Europe and the United States following the Second World War.


Some examples of HURI archival holdings pertaining to the Soviet period are:


Holodomor : famine in Ukraine, 1932-1933, from the Central State Archive of Public Organizations, Kiev.

158 reels



World War II Documents from the State Archive of Kiev Oblast
The three series present various aspects of the German occupation of Ukraine:

series 1: “Postcards of Ukrainian Forced Labor Workers from Nazi Germany”
series 2: “Museum-Archive of the Transition Period”
series 3: “Documents of Ukrainian Forced Labor Workers Detained in Soviet Filtration Camps in Germany”

271 reels

Emigrating from the USSR in the Late 1920s : Personal Dossiers from the State Archive of Kyiv Oblastʹ.

50 reels


For the complete description of the Ukrainian archival collections at Harvard please consult:


Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute: Special collections (general information)

List of Collections

A Guide to Ukrainian Special Collections at Harvard University by Ksenya Kiebuzinski (online).

For more information contact HURI Jacyk Archivist/Bibliographer Olha Aleksic.