Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) offers photographs, papers, and data. Includes work of Francis Galton, Charles Davenport,  and Arthur Estabrook.

The Eugenics Review --The Eugenics Review was a scientific journal published by the Galton Institute. The journal was published from 1909 to 1968 and covered human genetics.

Wellcome Library: The Eugenics Society Archive --The archive of the Eugenics Society provides a unique perspective on changing social attitudes towards birth and breeding during the 20th century.

Charles Benedict Davenport Papers in the American Philosophical Society Library

Samuel George Morton Papers in the American Philosophical Society Library

Eugenics Images offers photographs of eugenics exhibitions, winners of "Fitter Families" contests, eugenics researchers and other subjects. 

Franz Boas Papers in the American Philosophical Society Library