Cold War

Cold War: voices of confrontation and conciliation offers transcripts of interviews of largely US and Russian officials

East Germany from Stalinization to the new economic policy, 1950-1963 offers records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of East Germany.

Socialism on film: the Cold War and international propaganda offers films from the communist world and includes documentary, newsreel and feature films. Early 20th century-1980s, (British Film Institute (BFI)).

Cold War History: Collections from the Wilson Center Digital Archive

Origins of the Cold War: Open Access Primary Sourcesby Amy Dye-Reeves, offers links to digital collections.

CIA Historical Collections offers declassified documents. (Central Intelligence Agency)

Cold War Origins (1939-1950s) offers documents largely from Russian and Bulgarian archives. (Wilson Center Digital Archives)

Cuban Missile Crisis: NSA Documents (National Security Archive)

Documentation on Early Cold War U.S. Propaganda Activities in the Middle East (National Security Archive)

Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: The Cold War (1940s-1991). (Mt. Holyoke College)

End of the Cold War offers documents from archives in former Soviet bloc countries. (Wilson Center Digital Archives)

Historical Collection on Ronald Reagan, Intelligence, and the End of the Cold War (Central Intelligence Agency, CIA)

Ideological Foundations of the Cold War (1945-1952) offers photographs, oral histories and other material. (Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum)

Making the History of 1989 includes video interviews with Eastern European studies scholars and translated documents (George Mason Univ.)

Origins of the Cold War. (Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum)

Prague Spring Archive (Univ. of Texas at Austin)

Cold War (Avalon Project}

Cold War Diplomacy - Defense Treaties of the United States (Avalon Project}

The CAESAR, POLO, And ESAU Papers: Cold War Era Hard Target Analysis of Soviet and Chinese Policy and Decision Making, 1953-1973 (CIA). In: Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960-1975.