Searching BHL

When you first open the BHL, choose whether to search the Full-Text or the Catalog. 

1. “Full text” search is the default search.  The more terms or filters you have the more you can limit results.

If you know the title or author of a work or the taxonomic name of the organism, choose “Catalog Search”


Example Nantucket:  A search with Catalog selected brings back 49 results. Only the structured bibliographic metadata (title, author, subject, publisher, related titles and series, for example) is searched.  You can expand “Details” in any result record to see which metadata field the terms appear in.

A default search (Full text) brings back over 9000 results. The full text option searches the bibliographic metadata and also within the text of each work using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text. OCR is not exact so results are variable. 

Expand “Details” in any result record to see where the terms appear in the title field and also the text inside the item.