Downloading Content

Publications or parts of publication can be downloaded in several ways.

In the Book Viewer there are multiple options. One way to download a PDF is to click on the printer icon.  This will enable printing to PDF.


For more options, use the  “Download Contents” dropdown. The examples here are for an article (“Mating Behavior of Peromyscus polionotus Peromyscus truei”) in the Quarterly Journal of the Florida Academy of Sciences.    

If articles are identified (and the item here is an article in a journal), there is an option to choose the “Download Article” in the “Download Contents” menu. Selecting the "Download Article" menu item launches the PDF generation functionality, with all pages in the article pre-selected.  

The “Download Book” option in the dropdown menu offers multiple choices.

The PDF option opens a PDF in the browser.  The JP2 option downloads all file jpegs directly. The OCR option downloads the OCR’d text directly.  The “Download All” option allows files to be fetched from the Internet Archive. 



There is also an option to “Select pages to download” in the dropdown menu. This is not a direct download.  Click on each desired page one at a time: three pages are selected here. Once all pages are selected, click “Generate,” enter an email address, click “Finish.”


Once pages are selected and the process is complete, the pdf will be emailed.  The email does not come immediately; there is a lag time.        


To download a low resolution image, right click on the image, choose “Save image As” and save it to the computer or use the print icon.


To download a full-size, full-resolution image of any page, use the following URL template in a new browser tab or window:, where the pageid is derived from the “URL for Current Page” (the number at the end of the page URL).  


For example, to download this image of the gorilla from the book in BHL (rather than the FLICKR page) put this URL in a new tab or window  Right click or control click the image and save.