Generating a Species Name Bibliography

Since BHL was built for the scientific community of taxonomists and systematists, BHL has an algorithm to extract scientific names from all OCR text and enable search.  It may not be comprehensive because the OCR is uncorrected and BHL does not currently extract synonyms (BHL is working with Catalogue of Life Plus on this feature). If the species name is known, inputting the scientific name is a useful search to find all mentions of the species.

Search “Microtus pennsylvanicus” and there will be 30 results of variations: results for Microtus pennsylvanicus (more than 1800 items) for example, include  Microtus pennsylvanicus acadicus on the Scientific Name tab. 

Click on any results link to see a bibliographic compilation that shows each page where the name is cited. This shows the bibliography for Microtus pennsylvanicus. The bibliography can be downloaded