Portions of some items, such as scientific articles within a journal and letters within a collection, have been identified and are discoverable.  Note that not all possible segments within an item have been identified and not all items have segments identified yet.  

Searching for segments is conducted the same as any other search.  Segments can be identified by a variety of facets, such as article, chapter, list, correspondence, notes, review and more.  Metadata for the segment will include additional fields for the page numbers, specific dates, and the title and volume containing the segment.

Selecting the segment title in the search results will take you directly to the first page of the segment.  You can also navigate to segments by using the “Table of Contents” tab in the pagination window.



From the page viewer, metadata for the title can be viewed either by clicking on the title along the top row or using the “Show Info” tab.


From the page view, segment specific metadata is available by selecting the segment title under the main title.

Segments are also accessible from the Title Record by selecting “View Identified Parts” in the volume information.