What is on a BHL Page

An important caveat:  Page images are stored at the Internet Archive and are fetched with each search request.  If the Internet Archive is down, there will be no images: just OCR and an empty BHL frame.




We will use the journal Breviora to highlight some of the features of BHL pages.


To see the best record that lists all digitized volumes, use the Catalog search and narrow the search further by selecting Journal as the facet, if necessary. For multi-volume items such as journals, the search results may display only a single volume from the work if the volumes have been grouped together under the same title metadata.  




If the metadata for a multivolume set has not been grouped together, multiple volumes will be listed on a search page.


The center of the webpage shows basic information for each item identified for the search. You can view more metadata for the title (see Title Display) or go direct to a display of the item (see Page Display).




To access additional metadata for a title or multi-volume works that have been grouped together, select "View metadata" in the search window. More detailed information about the title will be displayed, including related titles and subjects.


Individual volumes can be accessed from the list of volumes in the Title Record. Navigation to other volumes within a grouped title can also be done in the page viewer by selecting the desired volume using the drop-down list next to the title information.





To go directly to an item, click on the title in the search window. This will show a page display for the Full-Text of the item.


  • Page navigation is located in the upper left box. There is also a Table of Contents tab for identified articles and other segment types.


  • Each page in BHL is assigned a specific identifier. It is in the Table of Contents box and called “URL for current page.” 

  • ‘Scientific Names on this Page’ lists the scientific name of an organism, if any, as determined by OCR in the lower left box.

  • “Search Inside” allows a search within the OCR of the book.  Click on “Search inside” and the OCR will appear with a search box.  Put in your search term and links will appear. This search is for “cyclostome” within the OCR.



To the right of the "Search Inside" tab is "Show Info", which provides basic metadata for the title, including copyright information.