Understanding Search Results

Search results appear with 4 “Results” tabs (separate from the “Browse by” tabs) indicating different categories of results with numbers of results.


●      Publications:  For the full-text search Peromyscus, the search term(s) appear (s) in the title of the item, including both published and previously unpublished archival materials as can be seen here.  For the search Peromyscus, see the numbers of results on each tab.  There are no authors named “Peromyscus”.

 Another example: a full-text search for a publication title, in this case Breviora




●      Authors: the search term(s) appear(s) in the author’s name.  Search “Ernst Mayr” (“Mayr, Ernst” also works) to see that there are five matches in the author tab. 


●      Subject:  the search term(s) appear(s) as a subject in the metadata. Again, the full-text search is for Peromyscus.



●      Scientific Name: the search term(s) is included in the scientific name.  Peromyscus is the search term.